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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Made By Hand: India Flint


[piece will be shown at Katherine Nash Gallery in Minneapolis for Surface Design and at Orange Regional Gallery, NSW ,Australia]

i love running stitch it just keeps on going forever running and running. the name says it all. when the thread runs out [it likes to run, too] i just find another piece. you can run in circles or loops or up and down in tight rows mapping memories and drawing cornfields with a line of thread. you can piece together cloth, quilt a blanket, sew a dress. running stitch can be fast or slow, wild or carefully considered. running stitches take me to the places where i need to be in my mind as well as on the cloth
they trace the labyrinths of thought
run red lights on memory lane and then keep on running
like me
i have been sewing since i can remember but it’s still not very neat

Photos of India's hands by Sharon Mc Grath   http://shazzmc.blogspot.com/

India's Links:
PO Box 209, Mount Pleasant 5235, Australia
+61[0]439 999 379
save the planet, it's the only one with chocolate...


  1. Great post...l wonder if you would mind if l used the quote at the end of your blog..it made me laugh so much!!!!lynda

  2. Lynda...it is a great quote....check with India about using it! Glad you liked this post...thanks for your comment!

  3. funny thing is
    that particular piece didn't make it to Minneapolis in the end
    the Orange Regional Gallery [NSW Australia] kept it for their collection


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