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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Missouri Bend Studio is Moving, Meet Me Around the Bend

daily drawing for June 7, 2017

Greetings, all! Despite my absence, I have been quite busy of late. While not spending nearly enough time in the studio, I've been engaged in creating a new website on Squarespace that brings together all the threads of activity here at MissouriBendStudio. 

As my followers know, I've long had an Etsy shop, MissouriBendStudio, along with this blog, which has enabled me to connected with folks across the world. I also was trying to maintain, at some minimal level, my own website, robertspizzuto.com. My husband, Johntimothy Pizzuto, is also an artist (primarily a printmaker) and we recently began collaborating on mixed media prints. Our shared endeavor is supported through our Etsy shop, The Art Filled Home. So, at a point in the early spring, we both realized that we had two poorly maintained websites, two Etsy shops and a blog to keep up with, representing a bunch of different "brands". This also didn't take into account the Facebook pages, Pinterest accounts, etc. Wow! We realized that MissouriBendStudio, our home/studio on the Missouri River, while it had been my face to the world, really could encompass what we were both doing individually as well as collectively. Missouri Bend Studio is both of us....

....so....one brand new website with a blog that captures it all! A search for our individual domains as well as a for Missouri Bend Studio will all bring you to one place. Please come visit Missouri Bend Studio where you can see my work (more forthcoming), Johntimothy's work (more forthcoming) and connect with our blog. From there you can visit our Etsy shops as well! 

What all this means is that this post will be my last here. I am filled with a bit of unease, as if I am saying goodbye to an old friend....as if I'm moving away and leaving my friends behind. I hope that's not the case....really, I'm just around the corner, not so far away. You can find us through probertspizzuto.com, johntimothypizzuto.com, or missouribendstudio.com....all roads lead to Missouri Bend Studio. You have the ability to follow the blog there, which I hope you will do, but please let me know if you have any problems connecting. 

Hope to see you very soon over at Missouri Bend Studio