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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Notes From The Field: The Cure for Ennui?

I've just added this little hand stitched collage drawing to my shop. I started out making these little bits as separate drawings and then realized that they wanted to be layered together. It measures 4"x6" but somehow has the illusion (at least to me) of being a bit bigger.

And....I found this spare teabag drawing the other day and so added that to my shop....who can resist the warm tones of a used teabag....okay, plenty of people can, I realize, but still there is something appealing about those rich mottled tones that echoes time and experience.

Speaking of experience....I'm experiencing extreme ennui these days....what a great word to describe such a dullness of spirit. I've just looked it up to make sure this is what I was talking about....and yes, "a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement."

That pretty much hits it on the head. Feeling uninspired and quite in limbo, as I contemplate next steps, hunting for a job in a town where there are none to speak of and knowing a long commute might be necessary....needing a new energy in the studio....a real shake-up, that's what I need!

In a pinpoint of light and inspiration and daring myself to rise to the occasion, I just grabbed a few sheets of sturdy drawing  paper and thought I'd head outside and draw from the landscape. Now, that's a shakeup! For anyone who knows my work, it is pretty obvious that I never draw from actual life, but from distilled experience. I normally work intuitively, so that while I would say I don't draw from observation directly....I do draw from observation, but filtered through my senses, memory and experience. 

I think it's probably a good idea when one is experiencing ennui to challenge oneself to a new and maybe uncomfortable experience. And now, if I am going to follow through on my courageous idea, I'd better head outside to see what comes of it. Might be frustration, on the other hand, it might just be the inspiration I need to put the ennui behind me!

Hope your days are filled with inspiration and creative spirit!