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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Month of Tiny Dots

Nocturne Series, no.1

Hello friends!!!  Thanks for all your wonderful support during my month-long absence....I could feel the energy in my studio in Wyoming. What a wonderful experience I had at Jentel!  I shared an amazing 6-bedroom house with a group of very engaging writers and artists in a spectacular setting in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains.  It was very hard to tear myself away!  

I took a lot of newly purchased Japanese printmaking paper, a handful of my husband's homemade handmade paper, plenty of paint, ink, etc.  My plan was to work on exploring the map ideas, but you know how these things go....nothing goes according to plan.  The lessons we have to learn all over again!!  I know my creative process and yet many times I find myself fighting it, wanting to be able to work in ways that don't suit my nature.  Needless to say, my attempts at making map inspired work went nowhere, because I was trying too hard....but by the end of the first week I had settled in to make a new series of work on the handmade paper that I came to think of as nocturnes....inspired by that last little piece I shared with you before I left in the post here.  As you can see from this first finished piece from the series, there are a LOT of tiny dots in white ink.  From across the room they look like little jewels dotting the page, but no, just row after row of tiny white dots.  What can I say, except that I am never happier in the studio than when making repetitive marks such as this, watching the magical transformation as the marks coalesce into a meaningful whole.  So far, there are eight of these pieces I believe....the lower sections are finished....thousands of white dots later, but am adding the night sky roof sections to them, so the rest are still in process.  I'll be adding these to my website at www.robertspizzuto.com, so check back in the near future.

Time in the studio is interrupted (who can complain having just had a month of nothing but time in the studio!) by visiting family and travel plans for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Soon I'll be back though, getting those other Nocturnes finished and posted on the website.  

Hope you all have a fine weekend ahead and enjoy the many treasures life has to offer!  Thank you again for all your support!