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Friday, September 2, 2011

Old Works Find the Light of Day

Earlier this week my post was about the very satisfying rearrangements in our studio spaces. Since then, there's been a little ongoing tweaking...I got the hand woven tapestry back up on the wall in front of my little writing area/sewing table and new places have been found for a few things.  But, speaking of finding places for things, this is a little tale about finding things in surprising places.  Most of our items are stored in various sized plastic containers and as I was trying to find space for things, I inspected the contents of a number of the bins.  Well, I came across a number of pieces that I had actually finished quite some time ago....years ago, in fact....that I hadn't been happy with at the time.  These are pretty involved pieces and coming across them again, I had to ask myself why I had dismissed each of these pieces and relegated them to the storage bin.  I didn't get a good enough answer, so they are coming out into the light of day and this odd assortment of works will join their colleagues in my Etsy shop over the next several days.  Here's a sneak peak....

Kind of fun to rekindle the friendships with these works....I offered them all my humble apologies for relegating them to the sidelines for so long and now we're fast friends!  

Also finished up a few more of the pieces I started at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming and those are going on my website tomorrow (http://www.robertspizzuto.com).  Once again, I am rather disappointed in the quality of the photographs as compared to the actual piece....can't seem to get things adjusted as well as I'd like.  I did some fine tuning, but never could get them quite finely enough tuned, but here they are anyway!

Still have more to finish and I've started some new pieces in this series as well.  Some, like the last one shown here, have a good bit of embroidery on them, which takes a fair amount of time.  I like the slowness of the process of hand stitching....I know I've said this before, but I'll briefly revisit it here, as I've been thinking about the notion of slowness again.  

It occurs to me that perhaps time is like one of those newly styled suitcases....you think it has just so much capacity, but look there, a zipper pocket....what happens when you open it...it expands allowing you to fit in so much more.  Suitcases have lots of those pockets, but they aren't always obvious....time has a way of unfolding too, when we slow down....those pockets of time open up here and there.  The thing is, not only can more happen, that is, there's more capacity, but also experience feels richer and deeper when we slow down. It's fuller....in terms of quantity, but more importantly, in terms of quality.  So why is it that we go racing about so?  

Enjoy the long weekend....see how you can make it fuller and richer!


  1. Gorgeous ponderings on time Patti - intriguing isn't it how if we slow it down, more magically appears! How we then build the confidence to put this notion into practice remains the challenge... I love the pieces from Wyoming - you have such an affinity with those rocks and it shows. Wonderful too to re-discover old friends as you have done! Enjoy.

  2. Fiona....managing time is the constant challenge, isn't it. Sometimes I think the answer is hiding the clock!! So glad you love the Wyoming pieces....lots of new work in process as a result of that experience! Thanks again!

  3. I love the elegance in your composition.
    The softness of colors,lines and shapes.

  4. We would all do well to cultivate a little more slowness into our life and work, Patti, so thanks for the gentle reminder of the benefits! Why do we rush around so? It can't be because we want to get more done, so often speed sabotages our efforts and we end up getting LESS done. So what is it? Giving an impression of being always engaged and active lest the world think we are lazy in our leisurely approach? Whatever it is, I agree with you - hide the clock! And go with the slow.

  5. ACAES....thanks so much for taking time to post a comment and especially for your kind words about my work...much appreciated!

  6. Gabriella/TT: Who in the world knows what possesses us all to rush about in such craziness? I think somehow it has to do with so many possibilities and options available to us...we want to have it all, as well as do it all and our culture gives us constant messages, not only that we can, but that we must. At the Brush Creek residency, my possibilities were narrowed and my distractions eliminated....and time stretched on in much more fluid ways! Ah, the ongoing struggle....yes, hide the clock, that's a start!

  7. Though dark, I see a layering, a depth to these last pieces that appeals to me, and adds a dimension to the simplicity that gives these pieces more relevance. Were they dipped in beeswax too?

    There's great power in releasing control over time and allowing ourselves to set the pace in a more organic way.

  8. Lorraine....thanks for your comments on the new work. There is a layering there for sure, but no, they're not dipped in beeswax. The ongoing balancing act over simplicty vs. complexity and letting go of many things! Hope you are well and enjoying some time in the studio!

  9. I can't seem to leave a comment on your newest post. Wonder why?
    I wanted to say: this reminds me of what an old friend says all the time..
    we are human beings not human doings. I find being in stride is easier on the body and the brain and the soul.


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