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Monday, November 26, 2012

Quiet Meditations

Hello everyone....Thanksgiving is behind us and that means that the Holiday Season is upon us in earnest! There is no snow here yet and the temperatures are fluctuating between rather cold and positively mild, but that's just fine, as I'm sure that when winter really arrives, it will be here quite long enough.

Those quiet, little Navigations pieces I showed you last time are continuing...thank you so much for the positive feedback! But, the name "Navigations" didn't seem quite right and I realized that they are more meditative....so the series is renamed Meditations. Here a couple more of them....but again, very hard to see, unfortunately. The very qualities that I love about them....the quiet lack of contrast and the delicate marks and stitching....make them most difficult to photograph. Let's see how these latest two show up, along with their details for a better view. I will get them onto my website soon, but in the meantime, if you would like to see better views and/or more details, don't hesitate to ask.

Meditation no.3

Meditation no.3 (detail)

Meditation no.4

Meditation  no.4 (detail)

We had a trip to St. Paul, MN to be with some of my husband's family for Thanksgiving....way too much good food, of course! Good to be back home now, getting caught up on laundry, etc. and settling back into a routine. Something about this cold weather makes me want to cozy up with a book and a taste of scotch (my latest interest!) to warm the bones! Hope you are enjoying a fine day!


  1. Yes, I prefer Meditations too, since they are very calming pieces..... Little islands of calm. The idea of cosying up with a book and a scotch at the end of the day is inviting. (Jamesons Irish for me :-)

    1. Robyn, so good that these pieces come across as calming...that's what they are to me! Interesting to note people's scotch preferences....well, I guess in your case, it's Irish Whiskey! Hope you are enjoying one now, perhaps....depending on the time of day, that is!

  2. I love it that you changed the name to 'meditations' - perfect. Beautiful work - which to me represents peace and calm thoughts.

    1. Thank you Penny....the consensus seems to be that Meditations is the right title...thanks for weighing in with your comment!

  3. they are lovely and the new title fits! 'tis indeed the season for cozying up with a book & scotch (i like laphroig for its intense somokiness).
    congratulations on your feature on pia jane bijkerk' beautiful blog: http://blog.piajanebijkerk.com/WordPress/2012/11/25/everyday-beauty-embroidered-tea-bags/ !

  4. Anca....many thanks for the compliment and the thumbs up on the title! Thanks for letting me know about the wonderful feature on pia jane bijkerk's blog....didn't know about it!! She chose some of my favorites!

    It doesn't surprise me one bit that you and I are on the same page regarding scotch preferences....however, Laphroig for me, so far, is no.2 and Talisker is even better for that peaty, smoky quality!!! Cheers!

  5. i will have to try talisker. thank you for recommending it!


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