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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Timeless Prairie

Hello again from the now the waning days of summer....do I detect a shift in the air and is there a sense that fall is around the corner? Except for the weeds, out of control in the front and just barely under control in the back, the garden beds are looking rather fine. We are in need of rain though and are looking to the skies for moisture coming our way. Tomatoes seem slow to ripen, but I think that seems to be the case everywhere in this area, given the late start to the season with all those winter storms until mid-May! My days are busy, as are yours I'm sure, between my life at the library and my life at home and in the studio. I've been concentrating much more on larger panel pieces, rather than work for my Etsy shops and have been listing the newest Dust to Dust works (8" x 8" on 1 1/2" deep cradled panels) over on my website. I'll show you the latest finished pieces here and hope you'll visit the website to see the rest. They all deal with the disappearance of the prairie in the westward expansion and the history of the land....the memories and artifacts that lay buried in strata that speak of time passing. Our histories too will become part of the earth....all these ideas about the trace of memory still fascinate me....always so much to explore.

Dust to Dust no.7

Dust to Dust no.8

Dust to Dust no.9

Still doing a lot of reading, watching ideas cross paths with each other as I explore several books at the same time....well, not in the same sitting! Here's what I'm currently reading:

Beautifully written, full of fascinating information and beautiful photographs, this is a must-have book for those interested in the prairie.

One of my favorite writers....all nonfiction, but her writing and the weaving of ideas will take your breath away.

Delightful reading....visual artists, writers, composers, etc.....so many ways to live the creative life!

Hope you are all enjoying the season, scanning the horizons for new and creative possibilities! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Gloria! Sending best wishes your way, as well! Hope you are having a good summer!

  2. Hello Patti. Haven't been in to comment for ages, doesn't mean that I don't open your posts and drool. As always. Love these whimsical new images. I haven't been as active in blogland as I would wish - will be there more once I am back from the desert trip. x

    1. Hi Susan....well, this shows you just how far behind I am!! I just came across this comment awaiting approval, a month late! I never saw it through email, so humble apologies for not responding. Thanks so much...happy you like these pieces. I've got quite a few more by now, and I am WAY overdue for another blog post....please stay tuned! Hope you are well and thriving.

  3. they're exquisite, patti! quite evocative. these, along with notes from the ancestors, are my favorites of your work. i love this exploring of the layers of memory that you're delving into. and i love how they link to your readings.

    1. Hi Anca, hope you are getting along well! So happy to hear your comment. I am feeling good about these pieces and have just finished three more. Still doing lots of reading on the history of this part of the country and the land itself....interesting to watch the work evolve and see how what I am learning comes out in the work. I feel as if I've dropped off the face of the earth, but between the library, reading and time in the studio....it's all I've got! Best wishes to you, dear!

  4. Three titles added to my reading list!

    1. That's great, Margaret. I would love to know how you like Rebecca Solnit....I just think she's brilliant and such a beautiful writer....always an inspiration!


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