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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Mixed Media Artist by Seth Apter

Hello everyone....please forgive what seems to be an unforgivable lapse of time since my last post. Everyone knows the juggling act that is modern life, I'm sure. My library job is taking a vast amount of my energy and what is left has been spent reading and a little precious time in the studio. I am thrilled today to announce that I am one of the Gallery 14 artists in Seth Apter's amazing new book on mixed media.

Seth, the artist and blogger extraordinaire, is doing another amazing job of connecting artists with one another and with a wider audience. His blog post today on The Altered Page highlights this feature of the book. Other posts throughout October have highlighted other aspects of the book, which is now available, although the link above from Amazon shows it still as a pre-order until next week. If you are not familiar with Seth's blog and his amazing and infectious energy, you are in for a treat! He has many talents and gifts and is himself a gift to other artists throughout the world as they spend their time, often squirreled away in the their studios, creating because they must. 

Seth, thank you once again for the invitation to be part of your second book venture and for the kind and thoughtful words about my work on your blog post today!

By way of keeping everyone somewhat abreast of the latest work in the studio, these pieces below are the continuing saga of the research into the land and the layered history of the earth itself in my ongoing Dust to Dust series. I do have three more of these pieces (all 8x8" on cradled panel) that are just in the final tweaking stages. I should have them finished and photographed next week and will post them here before they go on my website. These pieces will soon be on my website as well!

Thanks for much, Friends....hope you are all well and enjoying a fine autumn!

 Dust to Dust no.11
Dust to Dust no.12

Dust to Dust no.13


  1. Thank you so very much Patti for sharing your beautiful artwork on the pages of my book. Your unique artistic style should be introduced to as many people as possible!

    1. Thanks so much Seth...so looking forward to holding the actual book in my hands!

  2. Was great to see you at your work table on Seth's blog. I'm sure you'll be sitting back there soon, but I know all about the life juggling you mention. I love this new set of pieces that remind me of the colours and textures of walks on damp earth in the woods full of dry leaves.

    1. Thank you so much Annie....glad the sense of the earth comes through strongly in the works. I just received my copy of Seth's book and am anxious to look at the work and read about all the great artists!


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