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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Wonderland

  1. a grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vapor formed in clear still weather on vegetation, fences, etc.

    We could tell by the strange fog this morning as the sun came up that it was going to be a spectacular hoarfrost morning! 

    The temperature was a frigid cold (maybe -7F?) and the icy fog enveloped us in a dreamscape.

    You don't really see the hoarfrost until the fog clears.....

    and then, as if some magical event has occurred....

    a winter wonderland!

    Somehow the hoarfrost doesn't seem to last very long, but it feels like pure magic when it happens!

    These are the views Johntimothy and I captured independently on our phones as we each 
    drove in to school this morning!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Gloria....yes, pretty amazing isn't it? So strange being enveloped in the freezing fog, only to be left with the winter wonderland when it lifts! The temperatures were pretty frigid though! Happy New Year and best wishes, Gloria!

  2. That is breathtakingly beautiful... magic as you say.

    1. It is beautiful, isn't it? So glad you find it so....best wishes, Beverley!

  3. Lovely photos - and thanks for the definition of that word!

    1. Thank you, Sharmon! I'd never heard of hoarfrost before we moved here (given that we came from Florida, not at all surprising!) and was astonished the first time we saw the magic of it! Cheers!

  4. So beautiful! I don't miss that biting cold, but it sure is lovely!


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