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Friday, December 11, 2015

December Is Slipping Away!!

Hello friends! I was suddenly alerted last night by my inner time clock that I'd better set some timetables pretty quickly for any sales of work to be shipped before I leave for the holidays! I've put a note on the announcement page for my Etsy shop, so wanted to let my blog readers know that if you want to make a purchase and have it shipped in December, please order by December 15th. I know....it's just a few days away! Some pieces in my shop are framed and that will take extra time to prepare for shipping, so please order any framed piece by December 13th. Please do remember that readers of this blog have access to the coupon code ANCESTORS for 10% off anything in the shop. The coupon code is good through December 31st. As I will be travelling throughout the month, anything ordered after December 15th will ship on January 2nd. Remember you can use the coupon code even if the work won't be shipped till after the new year.

I hope that's not too confusing...feel free to contact me with questions, if so. I'll be back here with another post or two before my traveling days begin, but wanted to make sure you all had the heads up. 


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