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Monday, February 29, 2016

New Works and Shop Update

Hello, everyone....it's the start of yet another week and almost another month. They do just keep rolling along, don't they? I have been busy in the studio, making some adjustments to the Etsy shop and squeezing in a bit of reading as well. Last week the weather was so much warmer, we were sure spring was on the way. I was able to get in a daily walk most days, but now we are back to gray and cold and damp. But...the good news is that it's quite temporary, as we will have upper 50's by the end of the week! Surely spring is just around the corner.

Below are a few of the new pieces recently posted in my Etsy shop.

It felt good to be working on the more layered Notes From the Ancestors piece. I have loved that series and missed working on them. It is hard to see all the detail here (more views on Etsy), but there are bits of text fragments glued to the backing sheet that are visible floating above the chairs through the beeswaxed paper. On the left panel, I layered the letters of the alphabet to create a dense field. Once again, this is all a reference to the buried text, the forgotten history, and the wisdom lost to the ages.

I have a new scroll piece underway as well. Some of you may remember that these scrolls began some years ago with an homage to the alphabet...Scroll for the Letter A and Scroll for the Letter B. Each was done differently, but focused on a particular letter. I am working now on Scroll for the Letter C, which will be filled with a series of words from the dictionary (unknown words, at least to me) that begin with the letter C. Should be done in a day or so and then I'll be happy to share it with you.

A couple of other updates to share. As I may have indicated, I did close my 2nd Etsy shop, Missouri Bend Musings, which was dedicated to featuring daily drawings on teabags from several years ago. I've selected my favorites from that series and am slowly adding them to Missouri Bend Studio, so browse the Daily Drawing section where you will find a number of them. 

I also added a 10% coupon code to show my appreciation for those who purchase my work from MissouriBendStudio on Etsy. It is set up so that the coupon code is sent automatically to anyone who makes a minimum $20 purchase and gives the buyer 10% off a future purchase. Just a way to show my appreciation and let you know I'm always happy to see you back in my shop!

Well, time to get back to my reading of Hamilton by Ron Chernow (it's a hefty one, but wonderfully engaging), with a glass of wine and a bit of cheese! See you soon.

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