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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Studio Update: Paper Quilt, Part 2

The paper quilt is still in progress....at this stage, it is loosely pieced together in sections with those little rectangle bits, which are cut pieces of paper from an old book.  I glued those tiny text bits onto the pieces and then dipped the 4 sections in beeswax, so now I will stitch the whole thing to another sheet of Japanese paper....we'll see where this goes!

I like the idea of quilts and want to see where I can go with the idea using paper instead of cloth. Time to head off into a new frontier, exploring some new territory.

Meanwhile, the temperatures are definitely becoming more summer-like.....a bit too warm at times. But, I'm excited that the fireflies are back! We so much enjoy sitting out on the porch as the darkness descends, when the last of the birds quiet their songs. The dance of the fireflies ends the day with just the right touch of magic. 


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