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Friday, October 7, 2016

Explorations (In Progress)

Something I saw recently reminded me of my fascination with dots and that sparked an idea for a new venture in the studio. Regarding dots...the question in the back of my mind is, "what can you say with the dot, a simple and elemental form?" A dot is a like a single unit and, in a sense, becomes a metaphor for the beginning point of all things....the first single-celled creature, the Big Bang, life on earth, perhaps. If nothing else, the dot is a building block and I'm interested in exploring how it can be used to create pattern, surface, texture and meaning. 

I am used to working with smaller tools....things like pencils and pens, and I can mesmerize myself for quite some time making all manner of dots with such utensils. But I suddenly saw myself returning to paint and turning that pencil on its end, quite literally, by using the eraser as a tool to make dots. It became a way to scale the process up!

Since I didn't have any panels that weren't already "finished", I looked over to the shelf and decided to sacrifice this little trio of 6"x6" cradled panels. They were pieces I'd made a couple of years ago that I was never to happy with. Well, they are long gone now, buried under so many eraser-painted dots! These are still very much works in progress and may even turn out to be a single work in the form of a triptych. 

I don't know where this is going, but isn't that the point of an exploration....heading off into the unknown? For now, I'm pausing to get my bearings, but will continue the voyage over the coming days.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. I have been using dots that way recently as well. Also, I bought a paper punch and am having fun collaging tiny dots! Great work!

    1. Hi Roberta....thank you! Yes, the paper punch has been my friend in the past, as well. I did a little teabag scroll a couple of years ago with pasted dots....The Scroll for Dancing Colored Dots (what else!). Thanks for your comment and enjoy your work with dots!


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