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Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year Greetings

Greetings to all in the new year! I've been away on holiday travels, with family near and far and am finally getting settled in back at home. As you can see from the photo above, we have no snow to speak of, but that doesn't mean the temperatures aren't frigid! It's mighty cold out there, as evidenced by the ice chunks gliding down the river. They remind me somehow of white clouds floating across the blue of a summer sky. 

Today was the first day spending any time in the studio. Above is a brief snapshot of the start of a drawing that is now underway. I'm easing my way into a new body of work and feeling a bit pressured, as I've been invited into a group show of women artists at the South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings in the early spring. I'd like to create another grouping of pieces similar to the Art of Wonder series which I began last year at this time. As those of you who have followed my work and/or this blog know, I have to draw my way into an understanding of just what this new work will be. And so, I just begin with play and letting my hand draw what comes naturally. I know this much....the series will be made on 8"x 8" Japanese paper that will be dipped in beeswax. The more I draw, the more I'll understand when I've "got" it. After an hour or more on this drawing, I know I'm not there yet, so we'll see where this one goes....if anywhere!

Still getting over a nasty cold, so it's slow going, but I know I'll soon find the groove, so to speak. Sorry for the long absence, but as everyone know the holiday season makes for busy days. I'm glad to have had time with family and friends, but I'm now more than ready to have my days spent in the cozy studio. Hope you've had a fine start to 2017!


  1. Happy new year and greetings from Germany! Taija

    1. Thank you! Greetings to you as well, Taija, and warm wishes for the coming year! Sorry this reply took so long....I missed seeing it!


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