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Monday, June 28, 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

Today a couple of pretty wonderful things happened!  I'm part of this month's online exhibition on Papernstitch, which opened today and runs through most of July.  This opportunity gives MissouriBendStudio a new audience and a wider exposure.  There are lots of wonderful artists represented in that monthly exhibition and I'm looking forward to exploring many of them! The next great thing was that I was featured in a delightful blog, Gloria Freshly Art and Design.  Gloria is a wonderful artist, very insightful and sensitive and she wrote a really nice feature on my work. Quite an honor for me!

I spent some time in the studio and have gone back to the drawing board, to use a well-worn phrase.  I felt a bit adrift and decided to go back to my core, to find my inner landscape of mark-making again so that I could get back on solid footing.  Very spontaneous, intuitive, whimsical, layered meditation drawings...it's what I always come back to for reassurance.   Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the history of those drawings and why they are always such delight and revelation.

The image above is a very cropped photo of a couple of the objects on the shelf above my desk...the kinds of things we look at every day, but don't quite see.

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