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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dreaming in Collage

This is the front cover of another little book I just posted this afternoon in my shop (www.etsy.com/shop/missouribendstudio).  Lately I have been very much immersed in collage, partly because of the new work I'm making on my own and also because my husband, Johntimothy, and I have a show together at Black Hills State University late in the summer.  He's a printmaker and I would say a master of collage, pattern and surface so we are immersing ourselves in figuring out the work for the show...sort of the logistics of how our collaborative effort will work to make a whole new group of pieces for both of us.  Challenging, but fun!  In the meantime, I am making collages for covers on small pamphlet books, cards, etc. I'm dreaming of collage in my sleep, as I often do when my inner self is trying to figure things out.  It's best that I stay out of the way!


  1. Hi Patti, Your blog looks GREAT!. I like the new photos of your recent work very much! Haven't read this post yet, but I will....Have a great day....Gloria

  2. Thanks so much, Gloria! I've been away and have not been able to get in any posts lately, but we're almost home, so I'll be posting soon!


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