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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Papernstitch Studio Tour with MissouriBendStudio!

Good morning everyone!  I was greeted today with the wonderful news that the interview/studio tour of MissouriBendStudio has been posted on the Papernstitch blog.  Hope you  have a chance to take a look!  For the earlier followers of MissouriBendStudio, some of those images may be familiar, but you may also learn a lot in the interview!  It's nice to have such a feature and the exposure to a wider audience!  Papernstitch is a wonderful place to discover artists and artisans and a fine venue for gaining exposure....find out more here.

In the meantime, I've posted a couple more book pages in my shop, but here is the latest!

This one is titled, Page from The Book of Words Blowing in the Breeze.  Sometimes I think about all the words spoken in a day, issued forth into the ether...and while they are most often part of a conversation, what about all those words that don't make it to the intended recipient...or perhaps are rejected, or they fall shy of their mark, or should never have been uttered.  Where do all those words go...aren't they perhaps floating in the breeze, invisible to the naked eye?  Perhaps they are the stuff of puddles in ditches, or the tarnish on metal posts...I don't know, but they have to go somewhere.

Hope you are all thinking creative thoughts and generating memorable moments this fine day!

Until next time...


  1. What a wonderful interview - and what an awesome studio you have! So full of light, and assorted materials, and oddly seems both intensely well organized and overflowing freely with possibility! Did I see a certain cigar box on the table? I think you are so right about the conflicting advice out there about which of the many online promotional tools to use, to what extent and in what combination, and that it really does vary from one artists to another what will be most effective and also suit the rest of their life! Many thanks for directing us to this, congrats on the feature, and oh, yes, I adore the latest book pages - what a great idea that all those words have to end up somewhere!

  2. I like the title to your book pages and the idea that words don't disappear once spoken - they can resonate on and on.

  3. Gabriella....I happed to send her some photographs when things were in a tidier state....it often looks pretty chaotic in the studio! And yes, that's our little collaborative cigarbox in the photo...calling out for my attention! I do think a lot of about words and where they go, what they represent and just how many are spewed in a day...I suppose its a good thing they aren't rationed! Good to hear from you, as always!

  4. Donna, thank you for your kind words. I think there are more pieces coming as I explore this idea of words and language...nice to see you!

  5. Wonderful interview Patti!! Thanks so much for consenting to do it and for sharing your thoughts and photos so freely. A wonderful opportunity!

  6. This piece brought to mind the movie, City of Angels. I was intrigued by the layers of spoken words, prayers and thoughts released "into the ether".

  7. Hi Patti- I enjoyed the article/interview and your thoughtful approach to it. Its nice to hear how you are approaching the promotion of your work on the interwebby thingy! I also like this next phase of exploration in your work - where do they words go? So much lovely imagery of forsaken words or wandering words, waiting to find their intended place...but even the purposeful and successful ones have to end up somewhere? Lovely imaginings!

  8. Gloria...thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the interview and pictures!

    Robyn...I'm not sure if I've seen that film...is it Wim Wenders??? It is an intriguing idea...I think there will be more where that one came from!
    Thanks so much!

    Fiona...I love your term "interwebby thing"...seems quite appropriate!
    Yes, all those words uttered in a day...think of them all! Glad you saw and enjoyed the Papernstitch post!

    And to all the folks who stop by here, including those who don't speak up (no worries), just want to say how much I appreciate the support of all the readers!

  9. Hi again Patti - I just re-read this and thought of your post

    "Words are just the vapour of the heart" (Louise de Bernieres, Bird without wings)

  10. Beautiful quote Fiona! I'll have to take a look at that book! Thanks for sharing this. Best wishes!


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