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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter On Its Way

Nothing like a little seasonable chill in the air and frost on the ground to get you mentally ready for winter.  I'll admit, I was a bit shocked when the temperatures began to drop.  At 71 degrees just the other day, I was beginning to think I was back in Florida...but now, alas, as it is nearly mid-November, having nightime temperatures below freezing should be quite acceptable!  One thing it does do, is get me in the holiday spirit, thinking of that beautiful snow falling outside, clinging to tree branches and the mornings of waking up to hoarfrost...glorious!  Clearly, it was time and so I found myself making the first piece for winter in the Season Cycles series.  Hope your week is going well...enjoy!

Winter No. 1, acrylic, ink and embroidery on handmade paper


  1. Hi,
    This is a great piece and in Canada we are thinking much the same!
    very best wishes,

  2. I can almost hear the sleigh bells looking at this piece! We've been having erratic unseasonable weather here too - summer one day, autumn the next, and some areas had a first overnight frost a few days ago...so I am ready for winter, but only if it becomes real winter and stays real winter at its best, as you have pictured above.

  3. Barbara and Gabriella...thanks so much! Good thing we are ready for winter, as it will be upon us soon enough and then, of course, we'll begin our whining for spring! Enjoy the season!

  4. Beautiful, textury piece. I'm looking forward to more of your wintery pieces.

    Heat in the studio in the morning, possibly a/c in the afternoon. I'm surprised we haven't had any snow yet in central Pennsylvania.

  5. This piece makes me think of cosy cottages and a wood fire in the hearth.I've yet to experience a snowy Christmas. Hot as Hades here.

  6. Kim, thank you! Stay warm....I'm sure your snow will arrive in short time!!!

  7. Robyn...I spent decades in Florida, where it was/is hot as Hades most of the year! Living in South Dakota now, I experience all four seasons as I did growing up in the northeast and usually we have a white Christmas....except that we almost always travel to spend time with my brother in the south...where it's often pretty warm!


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