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Friday, January 27, 2012

Not Yet, Keep Going

Well, it's Friday and not only that, it's almost the end of Friday and I so hoped to have a finished piece to show you....but alas, it's not finished yet.  Here it is though, almost finished, well maybe.  It sort of reminds me of the scene in the film, A River Runs Through It, when the son keeps coming to his father for final approval with the homework or the essay he's writing...the father checks it over and keeps sending him away to do it over or keep working on it.....eventually he's finished and gets to go out to play....but it takes a long time.  I knew part-way through on this piece that I would do the extra random stitching at the top....a little border area with different colors in it.....but the stitches were never enough and then today I got to the point when I thought it would be just the right amount.....but the little piece has sent me back to the desk....keep going.  The multi-colored random stitches have to spill out way beyond the border and be scattered throughout the piece....keep going.  I'm sure I'll be told when it's time to stop, but it's not yet....I have to keep going.


It's a different conversation entirely with each daily piece....they seem to like a spare identity and mostly I have to listen for the soft voice that says "stop." It's a nice stretch to have these two very different conversations going on with the work.  Right now my book says, "come over here and do some reading....why am I always the last to get the attention around here?"  More about that later.

Have a great weekend....full of joy and discovery!


  1. I'm really liking these tea bag pieces :-)

  2. Wow! Loving the first piece. Hope your weekend is going well. It's a beautiful day here. Rain has cooled things down considerably.


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