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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Swing of the Pendulum

Here is a little meditation drawing in the form of a book page--Freefloating Whimsy no.1.  Working intuitively, I just follow my instincts as the drawing builds, scumbling acrylic paint, then drawing, perhaps more paint here, a few stray marks there...and some flowers...are those pearls?...letting my thoughts flow through my hands.  Added embroidery where the gutter would be on a book page, I think of these drawings as intimate and personal as the experience of being transported in the pages of a book...and yet....

after a few freefloating whimsy works, it's structure my intuition demands and I find myself drawn to the grid...seeking order, pattern and simplicity.  This is all a process and when I detach myself, so interesting to observe.  I can't keep up with myself...all these changing desires.  Thank goodness, there is room in the universe for everything...if only there were time!

Happy to hear comments and thoughts about your creative process!

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