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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Scroll For Dancing Colored Dots and Notes of Appreciation

The Scroll For Dancing Colored Dots is the third venture in my tiny one inch scrolls!  I just posted it today in my shop...the link is here for more information and other views.  This one measures six feet in length and is filled with tiny dots cut from colorful postcards.  Pretty fun to make and I hope to view!

On another front, I just want to express how much I appreciate all the artists whose blogs I have visited and those that I now follow.  It's easy to get lost in the "blogosphere", but it has become my morning ritual to sit down and read all the blogs I follow in Google Reader.  It's sort of like reading the newspaper once was (I still miss having access to a daily newspaper....can't have one delivered where we are in the country), a time to reflect and savor.  So, I make sure I have enough hot tea (my daily morning ritual of assam) left in my cup and then I scroll through the latest on the blogs and following this link and that link, I'm led to new sites, to new blogs, and in the process I make notes, learn all kinds of new things, add more blogs to my list and become very inspired! And just as importantly, I feel connected to other artists....all the kindred spirits out there....I thank you for sharing your thoughts, your work and your life with the world.

And, one more thing! I must also mention my appreciation for the followers of my blogs, this one as well as MissourBendPaperWorks. I know there are quite a few readers out there and we are all part of the neverending conversation that moves across time and space.

I'm working on new ideas to broaden the scope of this blog, so as things begin to gel, I'll let you know!
Thanks for staying tuned.  Enjoy the weekend and the slow transition into fall.


  1. What you said! I am sitting here doing exactly what you describe, my new morning ritual as well. Also with tea. Yes, it is so very easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of reading material as you branch out from one blog to another and pick up more and more links as you go until you can't even recall where your starting point was! For instance, I can't remember now where or how I found yours, but I'm so glad I did! Many thanks right back at you for staying in communication with me. We do seem on parallel courses...

  2. That's great...the morning ritual...I look forward to it each morning! What makes it all even better is when I have a comment or two on my own blog to respond to...so thanks so much for keeping in touch. I know exactly how you found me and I'm so glad you did! I commented on Seth's 3rd anniversary post a few weeks ago and heard from you right after that. I don't always comment on your posts either, but they always go straight to my heart and make me somehow larger, seeing the world a little differently...so thanks go to you! Uh oh...running out of tea and haven't started reading blogs yet...


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