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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mending Paper

So, here I am again...searching, thinking, ruminating on what makes it all work.  In the studio, I seem to be unsettled, that is, unless I once again begin to make those tiny stitches on paper.  And now, I've begun thinking about the idea of mending, patching tears, and piecing bits together as a way to point toward some larger idea that I cannot put into words.  I seem these days to be drawn more toward random marks, less refined, almost clumsy I'd have to admit, that evoke a kind of being in the moment, and a trace of the search.  This little piece seems almost too radical, some sort of black sheep that I should keep in hiding, but here I am bringing it out into the light.  I'm drawn to it as something that just is what it is....paper patching holes with stitches that mark the time that put them together once again.

All of this plays into my thoughts this week surrounding ideas of balance, as I contemplate the post for Monday's "A Walk Through The Universe".  I welcome comments and your thoughts about balance...what it means in your life, how and where you find it, and perhaps how it manifests itself in your life and in your art.

Back to making stitches.


  1. I really like his piece, Patti. What about it compels me? I like that there are two forms, alike but different, connected yet not eclipsing each other...I like that they evoke both ripples in water, and waves of sound, and rings of a tree, and that the lines have limits but also suggest continuing beyond the moment captured here, that this could be the beginning or part of a piece in progress or the whole thing right there in all its simplicity and lingering question. Faces? Fingerprints? The possibilities are endless. Maybe that's why I like it! Who'd have thought, so simple yet so evocative!

  2. Thank you so much for that affirmation. I feel like I am straying more and more away from the work I "should" be making...but I'm compelled! So, it is wonderful to have your feedback....sensitive and thoughtful as you always are. Thanks!

  3. Mending paper .... what a wonderful thought. I have been mending wood over the last year and slowly collecting little pieces which I'm not yet sure how to bring together. We seem to be in a similar mind space at the moment..... Being pulled toward mark making, simple symbols, spirals and crosses ... gut feelings, meditative work ... but there are the things I should be doing .... deadlines to keep.

    When the house has been busy... many visitors, workman, plumbers, painters stomping through, I need a big chunk of quiet time to restore the balance. My husband will go off on a fishing trip which is his form of meditation and I will take that time as a retreat at home with no visitors, or shopping trips, TV, newspapers. Just time to carve uninterrupted and be still.

  4. The interior life is so essential for some of us, I guess, to a flow of creativity. Hope you enjoy the time uninterrupted Robyn! I'll look forward to see what comes forth. Thanks for comment!


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