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Monday, April 11, 2011

Living on the Missouri River

I believe it's finally spring for real, not just on the calendar.  The reason I know is that Johntimothy and I actually sat outside on the deck when he got home and had a glass of wine and read our books in the warm late afternoon sunshine under a sky that couldn't have been any bluer.  Not only that, we realized we could just go ahead and eat dinner out there too...which is exactly what we did...wow, it felt like such a long time since we'd been able to do such things!  After dinner, the temperatures were beginning to drop as the sun was setting, but thought I'd get a couple of shot of the quiet river in the early spring.  There is just the barest hint of a green aura to the trees across the river, although in the sunset light, you can't tell.  Another couple of week and this view will look quite a bit different!

looking southwest across the Missouri River to Nebraska

looking down the river, a bit more south than southwest

The Missouri River is pretty gorgeous in all seasons, but it's so nice to finally be able to be outside to really enjoy it!  

Meanwhile, the river has been something of an inspiration and Violett and I are busy on a new piece, which I hope to be able to show you on Friday....we think it's a bit early to reveal it in this beginning state.  But, it's quite fun, and the stitches are flying...Violett is quite the mover and shaker!

A couple of new small pieces on handmade paper that I believe was made by my own two hands when I was at Penland some years ago.  I found quite a few sheets in various colors in a pile the other day...

Flower Blossoms
Line Work

The color is unbelievably richer once it's dipped in beeswax.  I had drawn those three sets of parallel lines in blue ink before I dipped it, not quite knowing what I'd do next.  I just played with a broken line in colored embroidery thread to create a new pattern, which I found delightful.  I've alwasy loved line and as I continue to contemplate the essence of what I do and the marks I make...I believe it always come down to line.  Some people see and think in tone and shape, but for me, the magic is in line.  I have another piece like this started...perhaps it's becoming a series.  

Night is falling, but the sliding glass doors are still open and the Canadian geese are flying by, their familiar honking echoing over the airwaves.  The big migration has already come through...these must have been the geese that were late making their reservations.

See you Friday, if not before. Have a great week!


  1. What a lovely post Patti - so relaxing and gentle were the images (both visual and in my mind's eye). Hope you continue to explore and create in a gentle way, F

  2. Beautiful view over the river! Is that the view from your house? And I can't wait to see what you and Violett are working on, so exciting! ~Sara

  3. oh flower blossoms.
    love those.

  4. Thank you for your good wishes Fiona! The river was particularly calm last night....and very relaxing! Cheers!

  5. Sara....yes, it is the view from our backyard. Not too many places you could afford to live right on the water, but this happens to be one of them and we're very lucky! It's a beautiful setting we never take for granted! Violett and I are busy...thanks for you good wishes!

  6. Amy...thank you! So glad you like these simple flower blossoms!

  7. You have a terrific view of the Missouri River. You must see all sorts of wildlife. Flower Blossoms is sweet. Line Work intrigues me.

  8. How peaceful! I love the blossoms and am so fascinated by the beeswax...very cool!


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