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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Proper Introduction

Greetings....sorry, I'm a day late with this post!  Yesterday got away from me and before I knew it, I had to be on the road to Sioux Falls for my long awaited Sewing class, which was really a Get-Acquainted-With-Your-Brand-New-Sewing-Machine class!  It was really good and I learned again about threading and winding a bobbin properly, why you use different needles for different materials and which ones are good for what, why it is important to use good quality thread, how to take it apart enough to clean and oil certain areas, etc. etc. Of course, I was the only one there who was brand new to sewing, but I managed to get along okay...just the usual blunders!  On the way home, I was trying to figure out the name for the sewing machine...I thought it should be something Scandinavian, since it's a Husqvarna/Viking....but no, along about exit 63, it was quietly announced in my head that her name is Violet.  That's it....there it was...plain as day, just the way I know at some unforseen moment, exactly the title of a piece I'm working on.  Where do these things come from?  Oh, by way of a proper introduction, now that she has a name, I'd like you to meet Violet...

Feels like I was away from the studio most of last week, although I did show you some new pieces on Friday.  Here's the third from the series I started last week...

Mementos no.3

I'm going to spend most of the day in the studio, with a little time carved out to head outside and peruse the garden beds to see what's happening there.  We need to do a little planning, as we're going to move things around this year and expand our "crop" planting....it's just the usual things, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and some other edibles, but I like to call them crops.  

I'm curious to see what will evolve in the studio from here on out.  I bought some burlap, duck canvas and organza to begin playing with...but I'm trying not to put pressure on myself and just let the new work evolve as it will...paper, cloth or any combination thereof!

Cheers...see you Friday...enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. so pleased to meet Violet, I am sure you will have many years of good times together :D

  2. Hello Violet! I hope you're nicer to your owner than my one is. I won't tell you what I call my machine - but it aint polite!

  3. Violet....such a sweet name for your friend. I hope you and she are prolific together.

  4. According to google translate, Violet is Violett in Swedish...so it's not so far off ;-).

  5. Kathi, Carrie, Carole and Cindy....thanks for your comments! Violet is pleased to have been introduced to my blogging friends and welcomed so warmly!

    Cindy...thanks for the Swedish translation...Violet will now spell her name Violett!!! Perfect!

  6. Hi Patti - ooh sounds like fun! It's great to spend time with folk who can teach you the basics so you don't struggle and scream and screech at things (like me and my laptop somedays). Wishing you well and many happy times together F

  7. I'm wishing you the best of relationships with your new friend Violet. Be nice to her and you will be rewarded. Be impatient and you will receive tangled threads, broken needles (sometimes headed for your eyes), and general grumpiness.

    I'm sure we will soon see wonderful work coming from you and Violet!

  8. Hi Fiona...thanks for your good wishes. Yes, it is very helpful to have good guidance at the beginning...helps to avoid some of the pitfalls, hopefully!

  9. Kim, thanks for your good advice. I learned a good deal the other night about how to keep Violett (that's the Swedish spelling I learned from Cathy Cullis!) from being grumpy! Using proper needles and good thread helps too! Violett and I are forming a nice bond...thanks for your good cheer!!!

  10. oh, how exciting! i'm sure your husqvarna will serve you very well! my backup machine is a sweet old workhorse of a husqvarna from the 50s (i also have a really old one, probably from the teens or early twenties, that's beautiful, tho' i've not tried it). i'm sure that you and violet will be creating wonderful things together!

  11. Julie...wow, a husqvarna from the 50s! I'd never heard of the brand til we moved to South Dakota and bought a Husqvarna mower...still didn't know they made sewing machines until very recently! There will be a learning curve, but it will be fun! Thanks for commenting here and sorry it took me so long to acknowledge it! Cheers!


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