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Thursday, May 26, 2011



This is the weekly found text piece that I usually try to post on Wednesday, but almost never make it, since I'm working on it Wednesday evening!  It's now posted in my shop here if you'd like to see more views and details.  

As you can tell, we're back from our fun-filled jaunt to Chicago and I'm still trying to get caught up on everything.  Tomorrow I hope to have some new pieces finished to show you and will fill you in on the highlights of our trip!  

We're enjoying a gorgeous, although quite cool, day with the sun shining....this, sandwiched between days of heavy rains, gray skies and chilly temperatures.  Those zinnia seeds I planted before we left appear to be sprouting....along with all the weeds, alas. Yard work later today...one must take advantage of these windows of opportunity....more rain tomorrow!! See you then.


  1. welcome home. just visited your shop and must say how much i liked the firmament of the ancestors.


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