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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ebb and Flow

Happy Monday....already!  Time does have a way of moving in ways that continually confound me....let's just say my perception of time confounds me.  Now that I'm working on larger pieces...relatively speaking...large for me is 11" x 15", which is a full size of the handmade/homemade paper that I use....the work proceeds more slowly and my understanding about what happens next on each pieces comes more slowly than it does on the smaller pieces.  I hesitate more, because I want to be sure that the thing I'm about to do is the thing I'm supposed to do....I suppose they feel more precious because the process is tied to finding the content...so it's kind of an unearthing process, in a way.  I've finished just one of the pink pages, although I've moved the other two along several stages, there is a lot of hesitating and walking away for a time of percolation.  This is one of those percolation periods...perfect for doing a blog post and introducing Firmament of the Ancestors.

Firmament of the Ancestors

There's one full shot of the piece, but it's hard to see, so there are three detail images.  I'll be listing this in my shop later today.  Here's how the piece came to be. Most of it is that pattern that slowly built itself into an abstraction of waves in the ocean....in the beginning I didn't know where it was going...I was just making a pattern. Also in an early stage I made an arching pattern of connected dots in the upper portion (now buried under the one you see), that I realized was like a view of the constellations. I had a strong sense this piece was about history....that's when I knew there was a tiny boat riding those ocean waves.  There we are on our very solo journey in a tiny boat...navigating the waves (just where are those oars???) under the timeless firmament of history...our collective ancestors. Time continues on...each moment adds another layer of waves to the ocean current, more dots are connected as we pass through our lives....history builds itself into eternity.

Very soon, we are off on a short jaunt to the big city of Chicago to immerse ourselves in inspiring art, good food and more as-of-yet untold discoveries.  I'll see you next week, with more from The Pink Pages and hopefully some good stories to tell!!!  Right now, as it's a gorgeous day outside, I'm off to plant some zinnia seeds....wish me luck....planting seeds has never worked for me before, but I dearly love zinnias!


  1. That little boat really brings the piece together and gives it a narrative. I love it!

  2. Carrie, thanks so much. The little boat stands for so many things and has found its way into many a piece over the years!

  3. Patti this is a beautiful subtle yet forceful piece. My sense of time is convoluted too, but I seem to recall many months ago there was a lot of talk about achieving simple elegance in our work. I think you're there, my friend! Enjoy Chicago!

  4. under
    prairie stars
    by spirit
    to heal

    her constellation
    star by star
    upon her
    from here
    where she
    to there
    where she

    a small fire
    a forever
    night sky
    the spaces
    between each
    point of light
    she said
    more secrets
    than light

    her smile
    made us
    now i
    the questions
    more important
    than the answers

    the firmament
    all our ancestors
    when i pray
    i pray
    for your roots
    and limbs
    and leaves
    there where
    they entwine
    with mine


  5. This is a lovely piece Patti and a lovely story to go with it. I hope you enjoyed your trip and got to plant some zinnias as well F

  6. Thank you so much everyone for the comments...and the poem!


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