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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Fever

Well, I've really got spring fever now!  While the days were gray and cold, when the rain poured down endlessly, it was easy to keep it at bay, but now....the sun shines, the skies couldn't be bluer and although it's only 58 degrees out there, I can't wait one minute longer to get out and work in the garden beds.  We're having some serious issues with bank erosion and I thought I was going to have to sacrifice one of the garden beds to get some rock dumped there, but now we're doing it another way, so the bed has to be weeded.  Well, weeding is one way to look at it...maybe its more accurate to say, I'm going out to see where the plants are among the weeds!

I've been working downstairs in the studio off and on, but realize that I'm in serious need of fuel...you know the kind that inspires ideas, sustains energy and jump starts creativity.  For me that comes, in a large part, from reading, which gets my mind going and ideas flowing.  Haven't taken nearly enough time for that lately.  But on a day like this....there's no stopping me...I'm going outside to the garden!

Here's what's new in the shop....hope to have more to show you in a few days, but it may just be the dirt under my fingernails!!!  Hope there is spring in your area...and for those in the southern hemisphere...hope you are enjoying a lovely autumn.


  1. Yes, Patti has spring fever! I can't concentrate when the fever hits....one minute in the studio, then out in the garden, then into the kitchen for something to nibble on, back into the studio no the garden........etc!

  2. Enjoy your gardening! And feel free to photograph the dirt under your nails (although I think we might prefer garden photos).

  3. Carole...yes, suffering "terribly" from spring fever....maybe I have had it a long time and didn't realize it. All your symptoms sound right on the money...so good have sore hands, even from pulling weeds!

  4. Kim, still early to have much to show you, but surely I'll be able to come up with something other than my dirty hands! Hope spring is in full bloom your way! Cheers!


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