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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Perfect Day

Today is the perfect day....at least in terms of the weather.  This morning we sat outside to have breakfast and the mosquitoes weren't bothersome, the air was fresh and cool and the river, though high, seemed to be moving rather calmly and didn't feel quite so menacing.  We turned off the air conditioner, opened the windows and I've just been outside to eat lunch and it's still absolutely perfect.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, their songs echoing through the cottonwoods whose leaves have the just the slightest rustle...the air is just the right temperature and the water on the river is still relatively calm.  And why do I need to get back inside, I ask myself?  Whose time clock am I punching, but my own....there is nothing that says I must be inside at the computer or in the studio to justify my day...nothing except my own relentless strictness.  My dear husband, much more relaxed than I, would certainly have no problem encouraging me relax and enjoy the day....although he is up at school, working hard and getting ready for the next  couple of weeks of printmaking workshops that will bring people in from all over the country.

So, even as I continue to drive myself to make more work, pursuing this new series that will take advantage of all the fragments from the mountains of unfinished work I keep finding, I remind myself that I do already have over 150 items in my shop....and must I break my neck to keep adding new work? Or, perhaps, another side of me chimes in, I should expand my horizons and learn a new skill.  I've been looking into taking a beading class up in Sioux Falls, which will be a nice treat and a diversion while John is so tied up these next few weeks.  I have this notion in the back of my head that combines sticks and beads.....hmmmm.

For now, here's the first piece in a series I'm calling Fragments, that will be tiny collages from bits and pieces of my "scrap" pile! There's a full shot and a detail below.

Think I'll go back outside....isn't this what I waited all winter for?  See you fine folks in a couple days!


  1. oh, i love these itsy bitsy collages, very nice!

  2. So many ideas for you to ponder....outside....while you take a break from flooding worries and working too hard. Lovely Fragments!

  3. I think as Artists we push ourselves to produce more work because making "art" is what we have to do. Your fragments are beautifulx

  4. These are like sweet little postage stamps Patti! I enjoyed reading of your warmth; of basking in the sunshine; having it seep into you and through you - such heaven. Today we have cold, mist, mizzle and rain and it's no fun at all! I think days like you had are precious and the best way to spend them is to be with them - to enjoy them and let them dictate how they should play. Let go of 'should' - tomorrow will be another day, enjoy!

  5. Bev....thank you! Glad these tiny bits are a hit!

  6. Carole....yes, so nice to be outside in the fresh air and I love the notion of pondering. For a time, no worries...brief moments of bliss.

  7. Lynda...yes, the inner drive is strong because it's the art making that is what we do. I do have to remind myself that there are other necessary pieces to the artmaking process...including pondering, cogitating and watching the river go by! Thanks for your comment!

  8. Fiona...glad I let go of the "shoulds" for a little while yesterday and enjoyed the fresh air. Sorry, your weather is the opposite these days!
    Love the idea of postage stamps....makes me want to think and work even tinier....hmmm! There is a loveliness to a cold, misty day...enjoy it as well!

  9. Love your fragments. Now go outside and stay outside until you can stand it no longer. Then bead!

  10. Kim, following your marching orders!!! Thanks!!

  11. Patti, I'm glad you listened to your inner voice (and Kim's!) and allowed yourself to enjoy the perfect day. They are few and far between it seems - so many weather extremes lately - and as you said, relaxing outdoors is a necessary part of the creative process. Oh, and I vote yes on taking the beading class. I'm a big fan of going outside your genre or medium to let your primary work rest for a while. You will gain some new skills and perspective, enjoy artmaking free of some of the struggles you associate with your main work, and return to it refreshed and with a few new tricks up your sleeve! Go for it!

  12. Gabriella / TT...good thing I took advantage of being outside the other day, because now we're in a very hot spell...98 yesterday! We all need to remember the creative process encompasses much more than moving our hands....we're at it even when it looks like we're whiling away the hours! Cheers and thanks for your support....I'll report in on my little class last night later today!


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