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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Silent Mornings

My morning today has been relatively quiet, but I wouldn't say silent.  The birds chirp and the wind has picked up which, these days especially, makes me uneasy with the water so high...just means more churning and more beating against the fragile banks.  I'm also hearing the all too familiar sound again of huge sideloader dump trucks bringing rock down the neighborhood road...down to the last couple houses, which have lost land and some of the rock put in last month.  This doesn't bode well, considering we're only slightly into the 6-8 weeks of water releases at this level.  Our downstairs remains dry and the sump pump continues to do it's job, coming on slightly more frequently each day.  All these little reminders that things are not normal in my part of the world, as they are not in so many places these days.  What is normal anyway?

I'm going to stretch my horizons and take a wire bending class at The Bead Co., a fun bead shop in Sioux Falls, this evening.  Trying to think outside my own box....even as I make tinier collages, they can still make me feel larger as long as I'm breaking new ground, forging into new territory.  I want to have something new on the horizon and I sense it's waiting out there....I just have to find it or perhaps conjure it up out of the depths!!  And so, it's a new day...I'm taking them one at a time these days, as each one is quite enough unto itself.

Hope you're having a good one....think I'm going now to meet up with Google Reader, which told me yesterday that I am not following any blogs....what?!!!....what happened to the 100+ blogs I was following?  I couldn't deal with it yesterday, but today I'm ready to take it on!



  1. The birds start chirping around 4am here. This morning, as part of my daily routine, I walked into the garden to turn on the fountain. I was surprised to see a starling floating motionlessly in it. Sadly he must have drowned during his bath.

    A few minutes later my front doorbell rang and my friend Mia was standing there with a baby robin in her hands. A cat was about to attack it when Mia let out a scream. Did she really save its life?

    Hmmmm, where was I going with that? Oh I had brain fog but I love your Silent Mornings!

  2. just LOVE them... *sigh*...

  3. I love "Silent Mornings" Patti - it has stillness in it, but there's a tinge of darkness too, capturing an in-between state of time and mind. Not surprising with the conditions you now occupy daily, with things neither all well nor all bad. I do hope your fears about the rising waters prove unfounded and at any rate, the sump keeps up!

  4. Carole....what a tale of your morning! One bird silenced and another nearly silenced. All somewhat unsettling. I do love the mornings though....hope yours today was fine. So glad you like this piece...many thanks!

  5. Gabriella / TT...yes, I supposed there is a tinge of darkness to it...reminds me a bit of fall with those autumn colors. Maybe that's my secret yearning to be far beyond the trials and tribulations of the summer! All is well still here...sump pump is now coming on less often, so ground water must be lower...that's good news! Thanks for your good cheer!


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