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Friday, June 24, 2011

Walk Me Through This World

It's the weekend already!  Maybe it's been a long week for you, but with the trip and the unpredictability of life these days, I'm kind of surprised to find that it's Friday evening!  The river continues to play center stage in our lives these days...neighbors talk among one another, news comes from here and there, some of it just rumor, but taken at face value, it all serves to keep me feeling as if I'm on a roller coaster ride that doesn't quite end.  Some people in the neighborhood are just sure their houses are going in the river, others of us are confident that this is not going to be the case...and yet, the land beyond the last house on the street loses huge chunks into the river every week or so, making the last house especially vulnerable.  It's a raging river alright and it will no doubt have found a different course when all this is said and done.  Makes you remember the power of Mother Nature.  And so, we just plug away and go about our business...which is pretty much all you can do.

I have finished one of the new larger pieces that I had begun calling the Pink Pages.  This was originally one of the Connect the Dots series and just as it was almost finished, I realized it no longer felt "true"....those carefully connected dots didn't make sense to me anymore...and so I took a leap of faith and started drawing randomly.  The marks were chaotic and reflected the moment like a mirror....I was listening to "Calling All Angels" by Jane Siberry and the title announced itself in a snippet from the song...Walk Me Through This World.  As I've always said, I think through my hands and this piece says something about what's going on inside in ways that I can't name, but I know that it's true to the moment.

It's been posted in my shop, so you can see some better detail shots.  This piece is on a sheet of the handmade paper Johntimothy makes and measures about 15"h x 12 1/2"w.  I'm now finding myself drawn to tiny collages, having found a couple more boxes of our cast off unfinished pieces and scraps of this and that in the storage room.  Plan to be in the studio a fair amount this weekend.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, full of memorable experiences. Thanks so much for all the comments...good to be back among friends across the globe!



  1. Great to have you back Patti!

    Selfishly I love to check in and read about your creative process, your intuition guiding you to your truth. This latest work is so beautiful, and of course an extension of your truth.
    We hear about the Missouri rising in North Dakota on our national news rivalling reports from Saskatchewan of their flooding and the enormous forest fire in northern Alberta. It is sad to hear of so much devastation. But you are doing well thank goodness and hopefully you will be able to stop holding your breath soon. Your creative work will help you to stay present. How interesting to read of your surreal experiences in your last post and your Canadian connection.

    I send you lots of positive dry thoughts :) ...

  2. I always find it interesting when a midway through a painting and the "truth" changes. I love where this one led~ mirroring your life of unpredictability.

  3. love what you have produced...creating art is hard sometimes isn't it...even when we are in love with the processxxlynda

  4. Lorraine (Enchanted Blue Planet)...thanks so much for your support. Yes, so much devastation everywhere it seems....the flooding alone in this part of the world is amazing! My Canadian roots go WAY back on both sides...think I'll talk more about it my next post! Have a great weekend!

  5. Kelcey...yes, the creative process is so interesting. I have boxes full of starts that never got finished, as something shifted in the middle. Trying to stay true to the moment is the key, I suppose! Hope you are doing well there in beautiful NC!

  6. Lynda...yes, as much as I love making art, it's almost always a struggle...but there is nothing else...it's a calling! Nice to hear from you...cheers!

  7. Wonderful piece. Ephemeral. Beautiful. Makes me sigh.

  8. And now the weekend is over and a new week begun! Where does the time go? It's good to see your new work and hear of your process, P. It makes so much sense if you just don't think about it too much! Everything always works out as it needs to in the end, however strange the way we get there. Stay dry, my dear!

  9. Kim...thank you for those kind words about the piece...I'm honored!

  10. Gabriella...not only is the weekend over, but we're quite into the week! I meant to have a post yesterday and well, obviously didn't get to it....time seems rather liquid these days. We're still dry and I'm still pondering the universe! Cheers!


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