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Monday, July 4, 2011

More Bits and Pieces

Fragments no.3

Fragments no.4

Fragments no.5

Fragments no.6

The Fragment series has been continuing, as you can see, and I'm having a delightful time surprising myself with the juxtaposition of little bits and pieces.  Often I hesitate to tear one of these unfinished cast-off drawing or fragments into even smaller bits, but what it there to lose, I ask myself....I mean they've already been tossed aside as fodder for other projects! Fragments no.2 is the only one listed in my shop so far, but they'll be added throughout the week.

In my last post I mentioned taking a wire bending class up in Sioux Falls, which I did on Thursday evening at The Bead Co., a store where one could easily while away the hours of an entire day. I'll have to go back for an outing very soon.  This was just a two hour class and as I knew, I'm pretty clumsy and kind of slow to learn these maneuvers in space, handling new kinds of tools and making my hands do what I want them to.  This will take practice for me!  The focus was on making jewelry, but  I find what I'm really interested in is making small objects...mixed media objects that combine things like sticks, wire, beads, found objects, mementos, etc. I'm slowly working in that direction and somehow I think these fragment pieces are moving me along.  Right now the fragments are sewn to a sheet of paper....the world I'm most comfortable with, but I have begun to have glimpses of these tiny collages being their own thing, existing in some other form in real space.  I don't know yet, I can't articulate it and for me this is like being poised on the edge of a diving board....I've been here before on the high dive and I've chickened out and gone back to my very comfortable two-dimensional world....but I need to stretch and I need to make the leap.  This is both exciting and frustrating, because I lack the skills to work with a whole new variety of materials and must practice being okay with clumsiness and with failure as part of the learning process.  Unfortunately, I also lack patience and want to make wonderful things right away....I've always thought of myself as one who loves the learning process, but I think that's probably not entirely true...I love having learned and I love the discovery, but I'm not so keen on the hard bits.....but isn't it true, that if we're honest with ourselves, we'd really rather avoid the hard bits of life?  Okay, so I'm telling myself to enjoy the journey and not to covet what other people make, because as I learn I'll begin making something else, the thing that is in me to make....even though I don't know what it is....but that's what it means to learn by doing.  Stay tuned!

Does anyone else have this very real struggle between working 2-d and 3-d?  Would love to hear from any one of you who have worked through this leap to thinking in three dimensions....it's not something I can really do yet!

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Patti,
    just good to see that life has returned to its regular rhythms... last time I checked in you were having a very huge time of it indeed!
    Those big rivers have their terrifying attributes.
    Love so much of what I see when visiting you. I'm such a 2d person so little for me to offer on that account of 2d- 3d.
    precious your fragments works...
    good creating!

  2. Hi! I've always wanted to take a jewellery making class but my fingers don't like doing fiddly work, something I learned when people would invite me over to do some crafts with them! So I don't even try anymore.

    Painting, printmaking, and collage are my preferred artistic outlet.

    BUT I do love building things from rotting wood, rusted metals, faded boards I find on the beach, old boxes, etc. I'm pretty good with a hammer and hand saw. All the years I picture framed gave me the confidence I needed to move into 3d.

    Don't be to hard on yourself. You can experiment and play and see what works. Do you know someone who works in 3d that would let you hang around while they work?

    Have fun!

  3. Oh and Patti, I'm loving your "fragments"!

  4. Carole...Thanks for the confidence boost! I suppose it's the variety of tools that need to be utilized and the array of possibilities that open up that is part of the problem....it's daunting. I suffer from the "I want to have made that!" (referring to some work I've fallen in love with) syndrome and it holds me back sometimes from letting myself discover the materials for myself. I'm sure the picture framing gave you a good set of hand skills for most anything! I've watched my husband make/fix/create things sometimes in 3-d, but until now it was never of that much interest...should have been paying attention!!

    So glad you like the fragments!

    Thanks for you comment and uplift!

  5. I like these little fragments too Patti- it's like somehow they have left room to breathe between the pieces and there is a story left in the space...now that makes no sense but was nonetheless my thought!

    Re the 3-D thing I think it's just about letting your hands and head work out how they work together best - I still need to ask Barry lots of things about how would you go about...but I discover my own weird ways of making things come together. I think the wonder of 3-D is that you can often pick it up and touch it, turn it around and so on - I love that it offers interactivity on a different level. Have fun, find your way, and don't beat up on yourself!

  6. Fiona...I like your notion of the space left between the fragments and the possibilities held there....a wonderful reminder to look not only where things exist, but where they don't....that's where the unseen is lurking!

    I have a feeling that once I'm more comfortable I'll find my own way...I've never been one to do things the conventional way, so I'll forge ahead and learn as I go! I do love that there is a different kind of interactivity, as you mention. Thanks for your good cheer, as always!

  7. These are quietly beautiful! From another woman who always wants to run before she walks. It's more exciting running anyway!

  8. Love these little fragments and Fiona's comment that "there is a story left in the space" . Coming from a 3D career I've decided we're all drawn to media that reflects our emotional selves. Small personal pieces are a statement of who you are most likely. I've taught people to draw by flattening the 3D world into 2D so that they coould see the relationships between things. Vice versa I would say like your other visitors, that handling and playing with new materials means Everything in getting comfortable so you can proceed from there.

    Now Google won't give me my profile.
    I am Enchanted Blue Planet

  9. Well, count me as kin regarding wanting to produce great things right away! It's not a matter of pride but impatience. I accept my ignorance, and I love to fill that vast void with new skills and insights, but why must it always take SO LONG? And now I'm going to be impatiently awaiting YOUR progress too! Seriously, the notion of mastering another dimension is daunting and thrilling. I envy you. Now get back to work!

  10. Lazi Dazi....what a perfect description of this situation....I desperately want to run before I can walk...a person doesn't have all the time in the world....can't we just get straight to it???? Thanks for the smiles and uplift!!

  11. Lorraine (Enchanted Blue Planet)...it's definitely about getting comfortable with the materials. These materials I'm trying to get a handle on just don't feel as friendly as paper....but friendships take some time to build...so I just have to be comfortable with the process. I think I also must let go of any preconceived notions and the images of other people's work that inspires me!! I know it's possible to move between these dimensions....as you have done yourself! On with it...

  12. Gabriella (Two Tigers)....I do hope you are not standing around waiting because this is going to take a very long time....I'm slow and plodding and full of more impatience and any other ingredient!!!! As you ask...WHY MUST IT TAKE SO LONG?! I just don't know, but I'm still asking the question! Cheers!


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