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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Latest

(those are my fingerprints that form the background!)

I'm gaining on those weeds!  I'm yanking them out by the barrelful, along with all the volunteer mulberry trees (tenacious buggers), sumac, daisies and the rest.  I've cut most things back so I can see what I actually have...lovely to discover the phlox in bloom, barely visible before I whacked and pulled enough stuff to let the sun shine on them.  We also finally got the poor tomato plants staked up...so top heavy they had pulled their cages over.  Despite the fact that we've not had any rain to speak of for weeks (after a spring of practical deluge!) they are hanging in there.  Of course, we planted way too many squash plants for the space we have....I guess we never quite believe anything is going to actually grow, so we hedge our bets!

The internet was SUPPOSED to be fixed by now, but no one came this afternoon....but here we are up and running...for now.  I've seen more of the inside of our local McDonalds (using their internet access) in the last couple weeks than in the previous five years I'm sure.  So, maybe tomorrow?

I also hope to have some really good news to share in a few days.  Just waiting to see if this opportunity will become a reality and then I'll share it with you.  Hate to keep you on the edge, but don't want to jinx anything!  A couple of the latest Fragments....no. 15 will be listed tomorrow.

Fragments no.15

See you in a few days....hope you all have a great week!


  1. Hope everything is sorted soon. Good luck on the secret news!
    Love the Fragments- my heart swoons over no14!X

  2. Beautiful new pieces Patti. My fingers are crossed that you'll have your internet back soon.

  3. P, I love the use of your own fingerprints as background in No. 13! And I am very happy to know there may be good news on the way! Bring it on!

  4. Ohhhhhh....I love surprises! Your thumbprint background has inspired me to add some to my paintings again. Take care. Have a great week too!

  5. Annamaria...thank you and so glad you like the fragments series. I really love all the new work being added to your shop lately! Love those still life pieces!

  6. Cindy...thanks so much! The satellite dish is realigned and we're back to normal...whatever that is!! Good to hear from you!

  7. Gabriella...those fingerprints are pretty fun, I think. That was a section of a larger pieces with the fingerprints as a background that I long ago abandonded. John had saved it, thank goodness and I took it back and gave it a new life! Glad you like it...still waiting final confirmation on my good news...will reveal soon, I hope! Yes, by all means, bring it on!

  8. Carole...so glad to be some source of inspiration for creative endeavors!
    Hope you are having great fun and satisfaction in the studio! Cheers!!


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