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Friday, July 29, 2011

Wyoming Bound!

I do have good news....we're going to be at an artists residency in Wyoming for the next two weeks!  Brush Creek Ranch Arts Foundation is hosting a brand new residency and they are starting with a pilot program for a sort of test group over the next few months to give feedback before they begin the program in earnest in January.  The only window that Johntimothy and I have is these next two weeks, because after that he'll have to start the new academic year at the university....so we're on our way!  We weren't sure it was going to be a "go" and we're the first ones that will be there and, who knows, maybe the only ones for the next two weeks, but that's fine too, although it would be great to meet some new people.  The residency is open to artists, writers and performing artists, composers and musicians....we'll have our own studios and two weeks of bliss to just be immersed in making, without the river, without laundry to do, meals to prepare, a lawn to mow or weeds to pull....bliss!!!

As many of the readers of this blog know, I've been kind of struggling lately, trying to come to terms with making something new, trying to feel my way into the three dimensional world of the object.  Well, I've slowly come to understand that maybe those desires were coming out of a kind of misplaced need for more success in the sales department and the notion of branching out to open a second Etsy shop or perhaps capture a different audience.  I am most interested in making objects and expanding my creative process in new ways, but some sort of frantic search had set in and I was putting the cart before the horse, as "they" say.  For me, any work that is made out of a wrong motivation (market-driven) is bound not to be successful.  The sale of the work has to be a by product and not the reason for the work, or it won't have authenticity.  So, I'm taking a stack of John's handmade paper, plenty of paint, embroidery thread and beads and I'm going to make the work that my heart knows how to make, if only I will listen.  These may or may not be pieces that end up in my shop....I don't know, as I don't know what conversation will unfold in that studio.  All I know is that Johntimothy and I both feel very fortunate that this opportunity came our way.

Here's what I'm leaving behind for the next couple weeks:

(the barge that loaded all our rock is still parked next door as there is no
boat traffic allowed on the river these days and they can't get it home)

(somewhere beneath those fallen trees on the other side of the river 
is a trailer now sunk into the river at a 45 degree angle)

(those are the very tops of trees just visible on the far right....
the farmland across the river is quite flooded and on the left so
many trees have toppled and so much land has fallen in that
the whole shape of the shoreline has changed)

But, guess what....I'm taking with me the poison ivy, the nice outbreak of chiggers and a host of bug bites...along with a bunch of ointment and some Benadryl.  My weeding brought a short amount of satisfaction, but I never finished the job....the weeds won!  I don't know why I'm so sensitive to all these things....nothing ever happens to John, but I always end with all manner of known and unknown rashes and quite miserable.  But, this too shall pass....

I don't know what life will be like for the next two weeks or whether I'll do any posting here or not.  But, you'll hear from me sooner or later and I hope to have plenty of new work to share and some stories to tell.  Thank you all for the wonderful support and good cheer....I so enjoy hearing from you! Enjoy your August....see you soon!


  1. Yay, you get to go away and forget about the river and be totally immersed in your art! Jealous and green with envy but very, very thrilled for you! Enjoy!

  2. Carole....it is such a gift to be able to do this! Thank you for your good wishes...we leave very shortly! Cheers!

  3. enjoy and keep that thought...allow it all to just be whatever it will be. look forward to seeing what comes out of this :)

  4. Paula....thank you so much! We're just about out the door! Hope things are looking up for you!

  5. Well, Patti, you may not read this for a while as it is about 13 hours later than your last comment, and you should be well on your way by now, but, on the chance that you check in, I just want to send you a very big "PLAY!!" while you're away! You don't owe anybody anything,( including that ego that runs us all and keeps us jumpting through hoops.)

    I find the biggest trick of all is being in the moment and that is what this time is I hope for you. As it is said, " Don't be afraid of mistakes; there are none."

  6. Lorraine....I am checking in...this time from Casper, Wyoming!! Greetings from the west and thank you for your reminder to let go and play....will definitely be giving myself permission to be free to do and be....and hoping to leave the ego behind! Thanks so much for the reminder!

  7. Hi Patti wherever you are - what a lovely joyful piece of news, and almost like a reward for dealing with such a troubling summer. I'm thrilled for you and hope that you can both just relax and be, go with the muse and find and share magic. Congratulations as well- I'm sure it's an honour well deserved. Enjoy! F

  8. sounds like you are going to heaven-- 2 weeks of total art- immersion into creativity..have a wonderful trip and come back renewed and ready for a new journey into your studio.

  9. Fiona....thanks for your good wishes! We have been doing a little exploring of Wyoming and visiting friends here too...falling in love with Wyoming all over again....just so beautiful here! Tomorrow we go to the residence and am looking forward to the magic of it all!!

  10. Donna...this is like a dream vacation that has been handed to us. So looking forward to being immersed in the beautiful place and exploring new work! Wonderful to hear from you...thank you!!

  11. Oh, Patti I am so happy for you - what an enviable place to be, geographically and creatively speaking! Can't wait to see what emerges from this time away from your usual setting and routine, so perfectly timed and well deserved this break! Best to you.

  12. sounds beautiful! looking forward to seeing your creative inspirations that came from this residency

  13. Miriam...thank you! It's absolutely gorgeous here and we are immersed in the studios and the landscape. I think a blog post is due this afternoon with a few pics! Thanks for your good wishes!

  14. Gabriella....this is a most enviable place! We do love Wyoming....so spare and beautiful! It's wonderful to be so totally immersed in making work day after day! Thanks for your good wishes....blog post sometime today, I hope!


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