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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hello, fine readers.  Hope you are enjoying a lovely December filled with holiday joy and friendship.  My husband and will be taking a nice road trip across the country to visit my family and meet the newest member, my great nephew!  It will be good to get away and it will give me the time to cogitate! I realize I've come to a crossroads and even as I search for a job these days, I am also rethinking what's happening in the studio and here on the blog.  My connection with you all is very valuable to me and I've been quite distracted lately, so haven't been here as much as I'd like.  I'm working a new focus and new ideas to begin 2012!  Anyone have any inspiring New Year's resolutions they'd like to share?  The new year is always a good time for reflection and we can continue to help inspire and support one another.  Once again, I want to thank you all for reading this blog and supporting me in my artistic endeavors.....your good cheer is always an uplift!

Our first snow of the season has long since melted and while we're happy to have no snow worries for travel, it does seem odd to have no snow on the ground in mid-December here in South Dakota!  The river is still beautiful and I'll sign off with a view of the sunset the other night from the back yard.  These are a couple of shots looking across the Missouri River to Nebraska.

Cheers and best wishes!


  1. Looks Beautiful. Karen

  2. Dear Patti, you can't know what your musings here on your blog have meant to me as you speak and create a universal language from your artist's soul. It is a strange world, to inhabit and explore inwardly and project outwardly to your internet compatriots and whoever else might come along. I just want you to know as we go into the new year that I am grateful for having a peek into your inner world as you struggle and "stride" as a creator. Your tender creations reveal a tender soul, and resonate with a relevance the world needs. I send you my best wishes for your well-being, job or no job, blog or no blog.

  3. Hi Patti,

    What a glorious sunset! Wishing you the joys of the season and much luck in the job hunt!

  4. Lorraine (Enchanted Blue Planet)....your comment is so humbling and means so much to me! It is such an uplift to know my musings and days of two feet forward and one back are of some help.....I'm honored to have your wonderful words of wisdom resonating here on this blog! Thanks so much and sending warm wishes your way for the new year as well! You are sensitive and very wise!

  5. Gloria....warm wishes for the holiday season and the coming year to you as well, faithful friend! Your support and gentle tips have been an invaluable help to me throughout the year....many thanks!

  6. Your call for resolutions made me smile thinking of a friend of mine who one year resolved to "live in the moment." That didn't work out so well, so the next year her New Year's Resolution was "moisturize," which was much easier to accomplish but not very fulfilling!

    I guess the message behind the humor here is aim neither too high nor too low!

    Happy happy holidays, dear friend - enjoy your time away and a chance to clear your head and make ready for 2012!

  7. Hi Patti this life of art and living is an ongoing quest for balance and understanding isn't it? As you say two steps forward and one back or sideways seems to be the path many of us follow - perhaps its our own arty-dance-steps! The river looks calm and gentle and I am OK with no snow for you for a bit - means no snow melts in Spring...Wishing you safe travels and happy celebrations and gatherings. Go well, and looking forward to what 2012 will unfold...


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