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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Structure of Daily Rituals

Daily Drawing, October 20, 2011

Here we are on the verge of another weekend....December is racing by.....I've even turned another year older since my last post.  It never seems to end and as the years accumulate, I find it shocking that I'm not still in my mid-thirties!  In the flurry of trying to complete the Nocturnes, I had kind of forgotten about the "daily drawings" I was making in Wyoming.  I've just photographed another group of them, which are really a combination of collage and drawing and will share a few here.  I just added the drawing from October 21st to my Etsy shop and will continue to add the others over time. I started out numbering them, but have gotten myself very confused, so now will list them by their creation date.

Daily Drawing, October 21, 2011

These pieces make me realize how much better I feel and how much more productive I am when I have a real structure to my day....the repetition and the rhythm allow for all manner of rich possibilities to unfold. Contrary to what you might think, the daily repetition of tasks can keep you centered and in the moment. I had that kind of rhythm to my day while I was in Wyoming and at home, naturally, there are many ways I am thrown off the path.  Posting these Daily Drawings is a nice reminder for me to get back to the kind of daily structure in which I thrive.

Daily Drawing, October 24, 2011

Hope you have a fine weekend....see you next week!


  1. DEAR MBS: Yes routine and or ritual is vital we forget just how much until we don't have it. I retired (early) in September to become my mother's care giver...and it's been a few months but I still have the feeling I should be doing something else at the moment and panic when at night I haven't gotten myself ready for the next day. Weekend (the concept) seems lost now and I have to remind myself to check the calendar for date, time and space. But we find our way of keeping it going. Your daily darwings are personal I feel. As thought it was your inside voice speaking to you, whispering and say, it's okay now. Thank you

  2. Happy Birthday Patti!
    What an evolution you have gone through. These 3 pieces are a testament to your investment in organic process. Just love them.
    They are like a holographic representation of the "many happy returns" I wish you.
    Wonderful proof again where process is the road to take.

  3. i so agree with the rituals of a day .. love seeing the pieces here in your space ~ happy birthday ...even those seem to come quicker don't they ?!:)

  4. I'm with you on routines and structure - I do seem to thrive within them, and yet, on principal I reject all forms of limitation! Hope your personal new year has begun well!

  5. Lorraine (Enchanted Blue Planet)....you are right about the process, for sure. As much as I sometimes fight it, the process is where it all happens for me....thinking through my hands. Thanks for your cheerful comment and good wishes!

  6. Hello Henrietta....thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! You have a challenge these days....you must do something daily that is just for yourself...some small ritual that will feed your spirit, as you giving so much to your mother and her care. Bravo to you and thanks again for your visit and your comment! Best wishes!

  7. Thank you Elaine (ELK) for the good wishes and nice comment! Your support is wonderful and always full of good cheer and uplift for the spirit! Thank you and happy holiday wishes!

  8. Gabriella (Two Tigers)....I always have to remind myself I'm able to expand more with the structure and limitation...contrary as it seems! Sending good wishes to you in your new life in Vermont!!


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