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Friday, December 2, 2011

Midnight Alchemy

Happy Holiday Season, everyone!  Forgive my long absence....out of town family visitations and travel for the Thanksgiving holiday have set me back.  Trying to get back to a normal rhythm again, which is probably not going to happen for a while, with Christmas right around the corner.  I'm finishing up some more of the Nocturne pieces and will photograph them over the weekend, when the light is better. In the meantime, I have some nocturne cousins to share with you.  I'm posting these pieces in my Etsy shop....Midnight Alchemy no.1 and no. 2 are there already and no. 3 will be joining them tomorrow.  These pieces are related to the Nocturnes which I shared with you in my last post, but smaller (8 1/2"h x 5"w) and on panel, rather than on paper.  I've added silver and copper ink to the mix, along with some terra cotta and black, and the possibilities are pretty intriguing.  Lots of exploration ahead and many, many dots!
Midnight Alchemy no.1

Midnight Alchemy no.2

Midnight Alchemy no.3

Winter is fast approaching....no sign of snow here, but temperatures are a good reminder of what's ahead. I say, it's a good thing I forget from year to year, how cold it can be!  Hope all is well in your world and I promise to be back sooner rather than later this time. Cheers!


  1. Hi Patti (welcome back again!) I'm loving the dots...there are so many and they are very starry...

  2. Hi Patti,
    I came looking for a new post a few days ago and went to your shop too, wondering if I'd somehow missed a post. Pleased to find you back. Your magical nocturnes make an intriguing series, coinciding with our longer nights. Regardless of missing your posts, I can see the good it has done you to release your commintment to their regularity in your new work. It is ultimately more important that we keep centred through this busy time. It certainly shows in your innovative nocturnes.

  3. Fiona....thanks for the compliment! Hard to get back into a steady flow, but I'm working on it. Nothing like making those tiny dots to slow you down!

  4. Lorraine....sorry to keep you guessing with my rather erratic posts of late! This is a busy time and what a jolt after a month of nothing but quiet studio work! So glad you enjoying the new work...they are keeping me centered somehow!

  5. Hi Patti - sorry for my long absence, just catching up today. I really like this Nocturne series, the tiny dots really come together and transcend their own nature it seems, shimmering right off the page. I think you said in previous posts that you had abandoned the idea of exploring maps, but I can actually see something maplike in this motif of radiating white lines - like topographical maps perhaps? At any rate, gorgeous work! Be well, and try to survive the holiday season!


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