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Friday, April 1, 2016

Studio Update

Greetings on the first day of April! Just touching base with a Friday report on the goings on in the studio. Since I have quite a bit of backlog of work from my show to share with you and to list in my shop, I've decided to spend some time making some "slow work". I've returned to the handmade paper (the stack of it my husband made many moons ago). Slow drawing, slow thinking, letting the work emerge and take new directions if it likes. Attached are a couple photos below.

There is no sizing in the paper (it's made from recycled cast off prints) and it's curling, so I've now sprayed the back lightly with water and have the sheets under weight. We'll see where this piece goes....hopefully will take me someplace I've not been before!

These are some of the found text altarpieces that are awaiting their turn at the camera for a proper portrait....I listed the first one, Words Spoken, on Etsy yesterday.

Do hope you have a fine weekend. We are off to Sioux Falls for an opening reception, so hope to have a fun evening. I'll see you on Monday with another new blog feature. Hoping to meet you here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday....if I can keep up such a schedule!


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