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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Notes From The Field: Rainy Day Blues

Well, like much of the Midwest it seems, we have had another day of bleak skies and soaking rain. I'm sure the trees and flowering plants love all the the moisture, but the humans I know are anxious for sunshine and warmth. We two-leggeds are ready to get on with our spring activities like gardening, taking brisk walks and relaxing on the deck....our time will come soon, I'm sure.

Such dreary weather calls for a delightful visit to the library! Amid my errands today, I stopped by the public library to exchange books, some of them half-read and abandoned. I don't like giving up on books, but sometimes half way through, I admit that I find the writing lackluster and that I'm just plodding through. I know some people who will plug away and finish any book once started, but I'm not one of them. I do admit to being a bit disappointed in myself for my lack of that bit of stick-to-it character, but I love reading so much that it doesn't seem worth it to waste my time on something that doesn't engage me. I suppose it's related to that "clean plate club" thing many of us grew up with. You eat whatever is on your plate, whether you like it or not. I didn't grow up in such a home, so I take my library books back half read and when I don't enjoy what I'm eating, I leave food on my plate. 

But, this also means that when I don't finish a book I don't get the small pleasure of listing the title and author in my little green book that contains a running log of books read since 2009. I suppose I could win this one too, by starting another list of "books unfinished",  but I'd be afraid such a list would be longer than the one containing books read beginning to end. I do always check out far more books than I can get read in the time I have them, but find myself picking up all manner of things, especially from the new book shelf, that catch my eye. From the stack above, I'll probably dip into each of them a bit and stick with one....for awhile anyway. Maybe if it's good enough, I'll be enthralled and transported and the memory of it will be noted in my little green book with the title, author and the date the last page was turned.

Today I also photographed the last suite of pieces from the Art of Wonder series, as I plan to add them to my Etsy shop in the coming days. I'll share them here now....no.1 through 9 of the The Art of Wonder, Suite 3. This suite has some of my favorite pieces from the whole series, so it's nice for me to see them again in the light of day, so to speak. All are mixed media drawings dipped in beeswax.

Enjoy the rest of your week....see you soon!


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