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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Notes From The Field: Change of Seasons

Now that spring is here....and seems to be planning to stick around this time, I am shifting my focus to being outside. I am still astonished each spring at just how fast the plants grow! By the time I get around to cleaning up the leaves and debris from last fall, the plants are six inches out of the ground....and by the next day, it seems they've grown another six! The evening light is beautiful, as you can see in this shot my husband took as we were getting ready to have dinner outside the other evening. The warm, golden light as the sun is going down in the west sometimes takes our breath away.

So much work to be done outside that now I feel myself pulled in many directions....in the studio or outside pulling weeds....inside reading or outside planting herbs, tomatoes and flowers. I try to pack it all in, but haven't got the balance right just yet. 

I'm just glad to be moving about in the sunshine after being cooped up all winter. It is certainly fun picking things out at the local greenhouse and having our lives filled with flowers blooming in all colors. These flats of herbs and vegetables await, so I know where I'll be at least part of the day tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying spring....warm temperatures and not too much rain!


  1. Yes, it's hard to pack it all in, isn't it? It seems like there's twice as much work as there was in winter, but so much joy in being outside!

    1. Absolutely! Also, the frustrations of days like today when it is beautiful, but so very windy, it's almost impossible to do anything outside....rats! Enjoy the season!


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