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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Commonplace Book Entry: The Experience of Time

"The events in our lives happen in a sequence of time, but in their significance to ourselves they find their own order, a timetable not necessarily, perhaps not possibly--chronological. The time as we know it subjectively is often the chronology that stories and novels follow; it is the continuous thread of revelation." -- Eudora Welty

It's time for another entry from my commonplace book! Thumbing through, I found this quote by the author Eudora Welty from a book I read years ago, One Writer's Beginnings. The date of this notation in my book is September 20, 2000. Just thinking back that far reminds me not only how young and naive I still was, but also how very different everything was then. But this notion, stated so eloquently by Eudora Welty, still rings true...at least to me.

And maybe that thought is what underlies my fascination with beeswax....and the drawings on paper dipped in beeswax that form the pages of a book, creating a translucence that speaks to the nature of time....how the past, the present and future often feel visible at once, echoing back and forth through time.

This little book is still in progress....haven't yet bound the pages together, but thought I'd share the transformation that happens once the pages are dipped in beeswax. I have some "before" photos of a few pages and then you'll see the same pages shown after the beeswax...now rich and translucent.
Beginning pages from "The Book of Then and Now"...

Hope your week is going well....it's hump day, as they say. I like to think that each day is a new start....a new unfolding. Enjoy!

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