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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Notes From The Field: Lines and Dots

Such a beautiful time of year....flowers so long awaited, that it is hard to stay inside. We have irises of various colors all over the place, but these are my favorite and what a treat to behold. I took this photo a few days ago, and alas, the irises are looking a bit more bedraggled by now. Oftentimes, it is windy here, that is not to say, breezy, but wind that howls all night long or makes the day unmanageable to work in the garden. There is a reason this part of the country is often referred to as  the windswept Plains! As I enjoy these spring days before it becomes too hot and too buggy outside, I find myself spending most of my time reading on the front porch in the rocker. 

I know this book has been out for several years, but a recent New York Times article that caught my interest sent me straightaway to the public library to grab it. I have to say, it's an astonishing read....fascinating in ways unexpected and so well written, I find myself glued to it like a detective novel...which actually, I don't ever read! Mukherjee has a new book out on the history of the gene, which I'm also looking forward to reading.

In the absence of reports from the studio, you may or may not be wondering what's been going on in my art making world. The answer is not much, of late. I guess I needed a break and some rejuvenation, so I've not been making anything, which feels a bit weird, I have to say. But the dailies continue and I'm quite thankful for that, as I find that they often provide a springboard for new work.
That's what happened last night in a brief stint downstairs in the studio.

I looked over at the daily with its dotted line and began on a larger sheet of paper, divided in sections....not knowing where it would lead, but just forcing myself to do something, anything. This is the format of the Notes From The Ancestors series, although it won't be part of that series, but perhaps something new will be born. I started with those looping lines on the right and then went back with pen and "dotted" them, just building a pattern of meandering lines.

But rows of lines are what I gravitate to, so I began making lines on the main section and adding the dots. Once I saw that pattern building, I relaxed and fell into the flow of making. What is it about a simple line, enhanced with dots, that fills me with such joy? 

Simple marks, simple pleasures. What could be more elemental than a dot? And what can be said with a dot....I think much. I'll keep you posted and share this piece when it is finished in the near future. I'm glad to be back in the studio as it gives my life a bit more balance. Hope your week is finding some balance and joy.


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