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Friday, September 16, 2016

Autumn Reflections

Although the calendar doesn't seem to agree with an official time stamp, autumn is in the air and it is indeed glorious. The cottonwoods are still full of leaves here on the river, but those leaves are turning yellow and beginning to drop. The nights have cooled off and we have flung the windows and sliding doors open for fresh air.  I do sleep ever so much better when the air is fresh and cool!

I find though that the forecast calls for a few warmer days ahead, back up just beyond 80 degrees and I'm disappointed. Many folks around me are thrilled to stave off the cool fall days, as they are but a prelude to the cold and snow of winter. But each season is quite enough for me....I'm ready for summer to pack her bags for good and I welcome autumn with its rich color, the cool and crisp sweater days, the smell of wood fires and the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. I know winter is not far behind and when that time truly comes, I'll be ready.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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