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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Fog Is Lifting

Early this morning we were enveloped in a fog as we set out for our morning walk in the neighborhood. With the sun barely up and the temperature cool enough for a sweater, we were reminded that autumn approaches, moving closer day by day. It wasn't until after nine in the morning that the brightness of the day took over and the fog began to lift. Ever so slowly, Nebraska came into view as the farmland across the river began to show itself once again. The magic moment of golden light can't quite be captured, but I realized that the lifting fog was a kind of metaphor for the dissipation of the stupor that has kept me away from doing much of anything in the studio or maintaining my connections with readers on my blog! Hello again! 

For some time, I've been feeling adrift, floating through the days, like these circles above....hovering, waiting, watching for the signal that the next thing is on the horizon. After my time of being back in school and then the month of intense work on my show last winter, I found myself without a direction, much less a job....or is that...without a job, much less a direction.

I am in the fortunate position, I realize, to be supported by my hardworking husband with a faculty job at the University. For me however, finding a suitable job in this small town, despite the fact that it is home to the University, is more than a challenge. Like being in the middle of some sort of inner ping pong game, I alternate between the side that pushes me to find a job and the other which reminds me that perhaps my place is here, in the studio and connecting with readers online. Community can happen in a multitude of ways and I have found a wonderful community in the time I've spent here on the blog and with my Etsy shop. And so, with a bit of renewed energy and an afternoon cup of tea, I'm reconnecting with the artist that I am....let's see what happens next!

I've been in-between far too long, it's time to start moving....I think I'll go out and meet the autumn on the road. I can't wait for the crisp nights and cooler days, the smell of wood fire and the sound of crunching leaves. See you soon.


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