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This is an online journal of my artistic investigations and a way to communicate about my work, ideas, quandries and queries! I welcome comments and conversation and do hope you enjoy these musings. My artwork is available in my shop MissouriBendStudio on Etsy.com or on my website.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MissouriBendMusings, A New Shop on Etsy

I'm back with a quick holler that the shop is up and running....still adding drawings, but soon I'll be caught up. Come on over and check it out and visit the daily drawings taken in better light!  Thank you so much for the support and encouragement!  Speaking of which, I'd better get down to the studio....today's drawing is waiting to be brought to life!

See you over at MissouriBendMusings!


  1. The shop looks great! Good job and here's to brisk sales!

  2. Wonderful Patti! You are going to be a busy beaver now!! ;) Your work is beautiful, dreamy and fascinating. I always find new things within your work. Art within art. Good luck with your new shoppe! I'm off to add you to my circle. :)

  3. Your Etsy shop looks lovely Patti!

  4. Gabriella, Anca, Carole, and Louise! Thank you all so much....my apologies for taking so long to acknowledge these lovely comments....I've been busy with the new shop! I'm all caught up now and all the drawings are posted, so moving forward should go smoothly! So thankful for all support from my friends here....couldn't do it without you!!! See you in the next blogpost!

  5. Congratulations Patti - it looks fabulous and those wee daily drawings are very evocative and warm. I wish you well and many happy sales.

  6. Hi Fiona....thanks so much for your kind words and for paying a visit to the Musing store! We'll see what unfolds....I really enjoy making them!


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