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Friday, February 3, 2012

Off To A Good Start

I hope the start of February has given you some good cheer. I got some really good news yesterday that two of the pieces from the Nocturne series were accepted into the Bemis Center Regional Juried Exhibition in Omaha.  The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art is a wonderful exhibition space and they do a great job of bringing art to Omaha, as well as supporting the arts and artists. Omaha is the closest "big" city for us, all things being relative, and just a two hour drive. It's very exciting to have gotten in, but it also means I have a short window to get those pieces framed! I have them as of today at a wonderful frame shop in Sioux Falls and know that Mary Selvig, a wonderful artist herself, is going to do a fantastic job....can't wait to see them all dressed up ready to go out on the town! These are the two Nocturnes...white ink on painted handmade paper.

Nocturne no.1
Nocturne no.3

The Dailies continue and I'll keep you abreast here, so you'll won't miss any...


Still planning that new Etsy shop, but there are lots of little things to take care of in order to make it happen. For one thing, this time around, I'm determined to get smarter about shipping, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel for each sale I make. All the work I have done up until now is one-of-a-kind and of all materials and proportions, which makes packaging and shipping a challenge. But, the nice thing about The Dailies is that they are all the same size, so I have standard sized cardboard backing sheets coming to make packaging a snap! I'm also going to try to do some more interesting things in terms of photographing the work by showing at least one shot in a frame and in a setting, so you can see what it might look like in a living space. I'm clearly also going to have to work on my photography and editing skills!! But, I am excited to get it all going and will be designing the shop banner and avatar this weekend. 

Hope you've got some big plans....oh, right, it's Super Bowl weekend isn't it?  I have not one sports bone in my body, so I am always surprised when it comes up each year....don't even ask me who's playing...I'm lucky enough to know we're talking about football!!!  If you are a fan, I hope your team wins!! See you next week.


  1. Congrats Patti-- your Nocturne series is exquisite and really deserves all the attention it can get!

  2. Thanks Kathi! I just love the repetitive mark making process and I'm so glad I had the time and space at the residency where those pieces had their start or I'm sure I never would have made them!

  3. I can feel your excitement Patti and am so happy that you are getting the recognition for your works of intimate integrity.
    Your "Dailies" are so charming; it is interesting to read your plans for refining their shop. Design is a whole other world of creativity. I hope you have fun with it without the cheering football fans in the background!

  4. Lorraine....many thanks for your good cheer and support! Plugging away on my various projects....but without the football fans, since, not only do we not have tv reception (nor do we miss it) but neither one of us is into sports!!! Hope you have a great week!

  5. Congratulations on getting into that exhibit. These pieces are breathtaking -- mesmerizing and intense.

    Loving these dailies . . .

  6. Thanks Kim! The dot making itself is also mesmerizing as you probably can imagine. Hope the dailies are successful as a shop....glad you like them!

  7. P, I am so happy for you and the Nocturnes - isn't it funny (sad?) how when a piece is accepted you get a moment to rejoice and then the panic of getting it into a proper frame for a gallery-worthy presentation sets in? By the way, good to hear you are re-thinking all things Etsy. I have been pondering how I photograph my inventory too, and I think a shot of the piece where and how it will be used is a great way to make a sale! I think your Dailies are going to be a big hit!

    Was it the Super Bowl last weekend??

  8. G/TT: Thanks!! Yes, there is the momentary excitement and then the sinking feeling that these little numbers are going to cost a lot of money....ugh!!! They will look great though and hopefully I'll recoup it one day when and if they are adopted by someone! As far as Etsy....we'll see if my new methods pay off....just opened the shop this afternoon!

    And so pleased to see you are as clueless about football as I am....but heavens, not surprised!!!

  9. Oh the excitement! Love your Nocturne series.


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