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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Treasury Thursday!

Above, work in progress...so far untitled!

Hope your week is going well!  Spent the day in the studio...almost finishing up some new pieces! I cut up some larger pieces that I started long ago...they'd been drawn and painted with chalkboard paint and pencil...the pencil looks ghostly and shimmery on the chalkboard paint! We'll see where this goes exactly....to be continued.

I started a practice some weeks ago of curating an Etsy Treasury on Thursdays and now a Thursday can't roll around without me itching to make a new one!  It's become part of my routine for the week.  I have a dear love of encaustic painting...no surprise, given my love of beeswax...and I've come across a number of wonderful artists who work in this medium.  I included many of my favorites and found some new artists as well...I think all the works in this treasury are beautiful...hope it's an inspiration to you!

It's called...For The Love Of Beeswax!

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