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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Awakening Breath...The Finished Work

Awakening Breath, no. 1

Awakening Breath, no. 27

As promised, I am posting a couple of the finished pieces from Awakening Breath, the collaboration exhibition with my husband Johntimothy Pizzuto.  These are just quickie photos--sorry not the best views.  There were thirty pieces in all...in many ways the same and in many ways different.  Once we finally had a beginning vision of the work, we knew each would be a triptych, something resembling an altarpiece in shape.   Johntimothy created the side panels and I did the center panel.  Johntimothy is a printmaker, so the sides are built up with layers of silkscreen texture and pattern at the base, then lots of rubber stamping, both with and without stencils.  Actually those strong organic shapes that float in the space on the sides are made with stencils he carefully cut out from each of the shapes I created in the middle panels.  The middle piece has a pattern of pencil on top of blackboard paint, layered with another pattern of an organic seed or cel-like shape and the surrounding field of linework  in ink.  Each "roof" has a layer of a different pattern in pencil with an ink and acrylic drawing on top.  That's a short description of the pieces that seem to have been stepping stones for both of us.  As I mentioned earlier, we wanted to embody subtlety through layering and pattern, along with a meditative quietness.  We won't see these pieces installed until we go out to take the exhibition down at the end of September.  

I think for me, this work was very important and brought me closer to a place of letting go of the image.  I found that I was so at peace and in a flow while drawing the underlying subtle pattern in pencil and then the seeds and the surrounding lines that seem to evoke a zen garden.  There is a part of me that has been wanting to let go of the image, but another part that is tied to creating some tangible link to our daily lives through a familiar image.  But so much that I need to say is all about the intangible, the fleeting...perhaps I'll now speak in the language of abstraction.  Let's see what unfolds from here....I have a feeling it will be scrolls....


  1. These are lovely - what a seamless collaboration, you wouldn't know two artists contributed to the harmonious whole. I love the triptych format, it lends spirtuality to the pieces, but it's a secular, or really a natural spirituality, not that of formal religion. I definitely get the Zen garden feel! Thanks for going into such detail about your process. Maybe I'm an art geek, but I love hearing how things are made! I hope these beautiful works get the reception they deserve on exhibit - best of luck to you both!

  2. I'm glad you like them! It is wonderful to hear that they appear so seamless. After such an intense week as we had in the throes of creating, it is hard to be objective. I thought it might be helpful to describe how they were made, as it might be hard to tell, so I'm glad that was helpful! Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  3. Patti and Johntimothy, these are gorgeous! Hope all your readers take the time to click on the images so that they can see the subtleties of your work. Good luck with the show. Patti, I see your lovely drawings with the beeswax sold. :) Hope there will be more.

  4. We both thank you Gloria! We're pleased to hear that the subtleties come through, even in photographs such as these! We hope that viewers take the time to look closely! And yes, I was pleased to sell three of those little drawings. There are still a couple left I think, but more on their way. Great to hear from you...thanks!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Wish I could see them all in person. What are the dimensions of each piece? Thanks for sharing the photos and the process. Best of luck.

  6. Thank you, Lotta! Eventually I'll get them posted on flickr and share the images that way. Sorry, I did neglect to mention the size in my post...each piece is 8 1/2"H (at the peak in the middle) x 15 W.
    Thanks for your comment!

  7. "WONDERFUL" as usual, I'm just saying!

  8. Mr. Jeffery! Big hugs and big thanks! It was a great experience to make those pieces!


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