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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The One Thing

I'm having a great day in the studio, which isn't always the case!  I'm working to resolve my part of a collaborative exhibition with my husband and the deadline is looming...August 24th.  We've been working on this for most of the summer, but somehow I haven't been able to make anything that feels right.  Now, I understand what I'm to do. This morning I started drawing in white ink onto of the blackboard painted paper and before I knew it...the channel opened and I was right there in the flow, drawing those tiny circles that connect endlessly...like seeds or cells.  I realized that it's always about getting to the essence, the "one" thing, that gets at the core of something.  I knew in the middle of the first drawing, that all 36 drawings would each be an exploration of the one thing...the way the those interlocking little circles in white ink laid on top of the black chalkboard paint and interacted with the pencil.  It was a time of meditation as I connected tiny circle after tiny circle, stopping on each one when the shape declared itself and then moving on to the next piece.  When this kind of thing happens for me, this moment of recognition, I feel it in the pit of my stomach....I am in a flow where my hand is making the thing I am longing to see.  Simplicity, simplicity itself.

There are a couple of images in of the pieces in progress above...more will happen on the black chalkboard paint, but the drawing in the white ink is what the pieces are about....in a way I can't describe in words.


  1. New to this blog and the first thing I read is this wonderful description of the creative process.."in a flow where my hand is making the thing I am longing to see." I came to my own "fork in the road" a few weeks ago, and I am hoping for a lot more moments of "flow" on this road I've taken. Thanks for your well-timed words!

  2. Thanks for your comment Two Tigers! Those forks in the road can be frightening and exhilerating at the same time! Best wishes for a creative flow on your new path! Thanks for visiting my blog! My other blog is http://www.missouribendpaperworks.blogspot.com, which is a daily posting of a found text poem...have a look if you like!


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