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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Cliffhanger!

Well, it's Sunday, so Johntimothy and I have a little over a week to have the work ready to deliver for our show.  In my last post I mentioned finding my direction for the collaboration...my instincts were right on.  When my husband came home, he loved those drawings of the seeds and it caused us to rethink the whole project.  Yesterday, we basically started over and are now doing triptychs, with my part the central panel, to be informed by those drawings of last week that showed up in the one above, which is A Fork in the Road no.3    Johntimothy will make the panels that go on either side, so the piece will resemble the format of an altarpiece.  We are both excited about the project coming together in this new way and although I speak of it as "starting over" this is really just another step in the collaboration that has been going on over the last couple of months for the show.  It's the creative process at work....just made more complicated by involving two people instead of one!  No time is ever wasted...but it's kind of a cliffhanger still...wondering how the pieces will finally resolve themselves.  I'll let you know!


  1. It has been very interesting to read about the process behind your collaboration and very exciting to hear about your aha moment when it all comes together. A great idea for sure!

  2. Yes, the collaborative process is always interesting. We've had collaborations before and they always work well...but it's always a surprise as to how it will turn out and this is no exception! Thanks for your comment!

  3. I've been scrolling through your collaboration pieces and am so intrigued. It's going to be a very interesting exhibition. I love the patterns on the black and 30 pieces together will be impressive.

  4. Thanks for your comment Robyn...the exhibition is slated to go up today!
    We'll go out there to the Black Hills (it's on the other side of our state about 5-6 hours away) to pick it up at the end of September, so we'll get to see it then!


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