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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moments of Choice

Yesterday I was looking around in the studio for something or other and I came across a few sticks laying on the shelf.  They'd been there for a very long time, but suddenly I saw them for the first time with new eyes, particularly that one on the left.  I saw it no longer just as a twig, but as a representation of a fork in the road, of the choices we make in our lives....the big ones, the not-so-big ones and the those we don't even realize are choices.  I guess I was thinking about how high strung I can sometimes be, with all the pressure I put on myself, and that I sometimes react in a less than gracious way...but each time we open our mouths to speak, it really is a moment of choice.  And if we are living an intentional life, we should probably slow down (I'm speaking to myself here!) and pay more attention....as every precious moment of the length of our lives ultimately represents a moment of choice.  I think there is a new body of work in the making here!

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